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Abigail Savopoulos Net Worth – Introduction

Abigail savopoulos net worth – The 26-year-old Abigail Savopoulos is the daughter of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos. Her brother, parents, and housekeeper were among the victims of the murders of 2015 in Washington, D.C., quadruple murders.

Abigail Savopoulos and her sister Katerina were teens at the time of the incident. They were in school when Abigail was contacted by a message from her mother.

Abigail Savopoulos was born in the United States. The daughter is Amy Savopoulos and the late Savvas Savopoulos, who were prominent businessmen throughout Washington D.C. area.

In 2015, the family of Abigail was the subject of media attention when they were brutally murdered in their home. They were also killed, as was their housekeeper, Veronica Figueroa, in a shocking case that shocked the nation.

Abigail, as well as her sibling, were informed the news that their brother, parents, and housekeeper were killed in a house fire.

Abigail, along with her twin sister Katerina was an undergraduate at a private school located in the Washington D.C. area at the time of the murders.

Abigail Savopoulos and her sister Katerina were teens at the time of the incident. They were in school when their grandmother rang.

They were informed that a person had broken into the home and taken family members hostage, and then shot them dead and set the house on fire. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Abigail and her surviving family members have maintained their distance.

Abigail Savopoulos Net Worth

Abigail Savopoulos net worth is estimated at $1 million to $2 million.

Washington D.C. Robbery and Murder Incident Savopoulos Family

Abigail Savopoulos, her mother, and her brother were held for nearly nineteen hours in their home on 14th May 2015.

Philip 10, a 10-year-old boy, was a victim of torture who was snatched $40,000 in ransom. The perpetrator bound the family members as well as Veralicia Figueroa to the duct tape and then shot them.

Blue Porsche was also stolen and was later burnt in the Maryland Church parking area. The house was later burned to the ground.

Following the delivery of Jordan Wallace, an assistant transferred the cash to the family. The culprits took $40,000, equivalent to $46,000 by 2021 in cash.

The Savopoulos house located in Northwest Washington caught on fire, and firefighters were called. There were three bodies found. people of the Savopoulos family and their housekeeper were found by firefighters.

Daron Wint was found guilty of a number of offenses on the 25th Oct 2018. He was also accused of the kidnapping of Abigail Savopoulos’ brothers Philip, then murdering them at their home.

Daron Wint was sent to prison for four successive sentences of life with no chance of parole.

The police determined that the fire was intentionally ignited and that the victims suffered brutal force and stabbing wounds. The deaths were later classified as murders.

abigail savopoulos net worth

Abigail Savopoulos Bio At a A Glance: Snapshot

Family Tragic: Abigail Savopoulos, daughter of Amy and late Savvas Savopoulos, suffered a heartbreaking loss after her family was tragically killed at the family’s D.C. home in 2015.

Associate Creative Director In spite of the tragic events, Abigail pursued a career in studio art and journalism and was promoted to Assistant Creative Director, with a particular focus on TV and broadcast production.

Net Worth estimation: Abigail Savopoulos’ net worth is believed to range from $1 million and $2 million, which is a reflection of her professional achievements and pursuits.

Robbery and murder case The shocking 2015 incident saw the family of Abigail taken hostage, tortured, and then killed, resulting in sentences and convictions for the culprits.

Low-Profile Life After an incident that left them devastated, Abigail and her surviving family members decided to keep their appearance low by focusing on healing and reestablishing their lives.

abigail savopoulos net worth

Abigail Savopoulos Net Worth & Bio-Data

Real Name/Full Name

Abigail Savopoulos

Nick Name




Date of Birth




Birth Place

United States

Parents Name

Father – Savvas Savopoulos

Mother– Amy Savopoulos

Abigail Savopoulos Height


Abigail Savopoulos Weight


Hair Color


Eye Color



2 Siblings






Latin American


Associate Creative Director and Research Affiliate Social Media Professional, Internet Personality Photography

Abigail Savopoulos Net Worth

1 million to 2 million

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