Adeel Shams Net Worth in 2023 – Free Guide!

Adeel shams net worth

Adeel Shams net worth : He along with his business partner, Davon Artis is a sole proprietor of a retail store, Cool Kicks. The stores offer streetwear and sneakers for purchasing, trading, selling, and buying. His net worth is 7 million dollars. His insider knowledge of the business has quality points to enter the market and make money quickly in the retail of sneakers business.

adeel shams net worth

He made $6.9 millions in the sales in 2017, recording a 103% growth in 2017-2018. Marketplaces such as StockXandStadium Goods sneakers have reached the level of $20,000. There are many colors and designs. These stores have the potential to explode in value as time passes. Adeel Shams has cut down the sneaker resale business. His battle with the market began in 2008 with a lot of dedication and determination.

He launched his own store at the end of 2014, in Richmond, Virginia. He started his studies at Virginia Commonwealth University side by side. His shares were sold following the graduation ceremony in the year 2016 and moved into Los Angeles, California. He has accumulated a lot of sneakers. He is extremely enthusiastic in collecting sneakers. He began his business using 500 pairs of shoes, and then launched Cool Kicks.

It’s a top heavy brick building which means that it houses all the items that you need in the store. Cool Kicks is a specialist in purchasing trade, selling and trading the most recent sneakers, both brand new and old or recycled sneakers. There’s a selection of desirable and extravagant sneakers like Air Jordans and Yeezys at the shop that could sell for a lot of money.

Presently, Adeel Shams has become now the proprietor of a store in Springfield as well as three other stores located in Los Angeles. He is also a store employee for 40-50 hours per week. The work he does can be described as an absolute love. He stated “I am a fan of being in the studio. It makes me smile.”

Adeel Shams net worth

Adeel Shams Age

Many of his fans would like to know what is Adeel Sham’s birthday? What is his age? Find out here if you’re looking to know his birthday date, the place of birth, as well as other information related to it. Adeel Shams’ birthday falls on the 6th of October, 1991. At present, Adeel shams is 31 years old. He would celebrate his birthday by throwing a huge party with his family. He also posted photos and vlogs on social media. Adeel is a native of Los Angeles, California, United States.

We can find the date of birth for Adeel shams via the social networks and from an open sources. Unfortunately, as of now the information regarding the shams’ birthday or age is accessible on his official website. We be happy for him on his birthday.

Date of birth:

6 October 1991.


31 Years

Birth Place:

Los Angeles, California, United States

adeel shams net worth

Adeel Shams Biography

Real Name

Adeel Shams






30 Years Old

Date of Birth

October 6 November 6, 1991

Birth Place

Los Angeles, California (USA)


5 Feet and & Inches


75 Kg




CEO of Cool Kicks

adeel shams net worth

Adeel Shams Net Worth

Adeel Shams net worth is estimated at $7 million. Cool Kicks has long been one of the most sought-after stores for sneakers, and Adeel as the co-founder, has supplied customers with trendy sneakers from the beginning. Adeel is one of the top millionaires around the world.

Due to his dedication to his work, Adeel has become one of the richest people in the world with an income that is constantly increasing. Here are his last four years’ estimated net worth.

Net Value 2022

$9.5 Million

Monthly Salary


Adeel Shams Life

Adam Shams had an unforgettable childhood. He was a fan of playing with peers and was responsible, which helped propel him to adulthood. Adam immersed his whole heart in each task which came along his path, and through this has been able to accomplish remarkable things.

Adeel Shams Professions

He is chief executive officer for Cool Kicks. He has become millionaire. He started working in the shoes business and has gained fame and recognition today. He made thousands of dollars from selling the shoes and delighting his clients.

Cool Kicks is a well-known brand of sneakers. It is based on the USA. It has become the most well-known shoe retailer due to its quality products and features. The brand earns lots of cash selling used and new sneakers

Adeel Shams Education Life

The businessman who is passionate about reading and researching the rules of marketing. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Virginia Commonwealth, then his Master of Science degree in Creative Brand Management through VCU Brandcenter.

Adeel believes that studying is crucial to success in the modern business world. He provides a great example to anyone who has utilized education to grow their careers and lead fulfilling lives.

Marital Status

Are you interested in the life of married Adeel Shams ? If you’re an avid gossip lover you’ll love this segment where we talk about Adeel Shams’s private life. We’ve also attempted to write about his most loved things and people here. However, as of this moment, we don’t are not aware of the relationship between Adeel Shams or his wife. We will reveal the name of Adeel’s wife later

adeel shams net worth

Adeel Shams Height and Weight, as well as Other Information

Many of their followers attempt to determine the size and weight of their most loved celebrities. People can make hairstyles, clothes, makeup and even height, weight and eye color styles. Therefore, we’re worried about this. For the height of Adeel Shams, Adeel Shams is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Shams’s weight is 77kg.


5 ‘ 8″


77 kg

Adeel family members of Shams

Adeel Shams has been a highly successful businessman with a high net worth. A man of the family, Adeel understands the value of solid bonds with family members who have aided his path to success. Adeel has many of his extended family that have been supportive of his path to success.

Adeel’s siblings and parents are always available for him when they needed help, offering valuable advice and counsel that helped him make good choices for his own life and his professional career. Adeel acknowledges the importance of their contribution in his life and tries to express his gratitude by being available whenever required.

Cash Value of Cool Kicks

Cool Kicks’ net worth is around 15 million dollars. The store, which is urban chic and casual, has a range of streetwear, sports brands and sneakers on the US market. Because of their high-end sneakers, they are now among the most sought-after sellers. Adeel Shams established Cool Kicks as a collectible retailer of sneakers.

The most important facts – Adeel Shams

  • Adeel Shams is the owner of Cool Kicks..
  • His birth was on the 6th of October in 1991.
  • His home town is Los Angeles, California, United States.
  • He is thirty years old. Adeel Shams’s Nationality is American.
  • Adeel Shams’s net worth can be estimated at $7million.
  • He is a renowned millionaire retailer of sneakers.

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FAQ: Adeel Shams Net Worth

Who Is Adeel Shams?

Adeel Shams is the CEO of Cool Kicks and an established millionaire shoe retailer and has a wealth that is estimated at $15 million. Every year, the brand is able to continue its growth and earn more.

Adeel Shams net worth?

Forbes as well as Celebrity Net Worth estimate Adeel Shams Net worth is $7 million. His earnings are primarily derived from the sale of Cool Kicks brand sneakers.

Average age of Adeel Shams?

Adeel Shams was born on on the 6th, 1991. He currently lives within Los Angeles, California, United States. He is 30 years old and has American citizenship.

Owner of cool Kicks?

Adeel Shams, owner of Cool Kicks, a sneaker brand. There are a variety of styles available in its stores. In 2016, it was founded in the year of its establishment as one of the most renowned shoe retailers within the US.

Cool kicks owner’s net worth

Owner’s net worth is estimated at $9 million.

Cool Kicks’s story

Shams has sold his share of the Richmond company following his graduation in 2016. He then moved his business to Los Angeles, California, with a total of 500 pairs of footwear, and he launched Cool Kicks. Cool Kicks differs from conventional websites that resell like StockX as well as Stadium Goods. Instead, it’s an online shop that has everything within it.

Adeel Shams Houses, Cars & Luxury Brands

Our research on the internet and offline discovered Adeel Shams’s two homes five cars and luxurious brands. If we are able to find the exact numbers of homes and cars, the information we will update as quickly as we can.

Conclusion : Adeel Shams Net Worth

Adeel Shams currently boasts an estimated net worth of 7 million dollars. He earns the majority of his income through the Cool Kicks, a brand of sneakers that has a market capital of 15 million dollars, which makes Adeel Shams a highly successful businessman who has an impressive net worth.

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