Alaina Urquhart Net Worth in 2023 ! A Free Guide To Know

Alaina Urquhart Net Worth

Alaina Urquhart is a 36-year-old well known American podcaster, presenter, author, and actress born and raised in Boston, USA. She is famous for her podcast “Morbid A True Crime Podcast,” which she hosts alongside her niece Ashleigh Kelley.

alaina urquhart net worth

Alaina has a background as an autopsy technician. She earned degrees in psychology, criminal justice, and biology prior to creating her first psychological horror novel.

She also hosts a variety of podcasts, like “Scream!” and “Crime Countdown.” Alaina is married to John Urquhart. She has three kids. Alaina Urquhart’s Net worth is estimated to be $3 million . She earns via book sales, podcast sales, films, sales as well as other ventures.

Podcast is a simple method in which information is transmitted or made available to anyone who is interested. Podcasts can come from a variety of categories ranging from entertainment, relationship talks, lifeguarding, and many more.

As for Alaina Urquhart, her show Morbid The True Crime Podcast niche is based upon an American true crime anthology that is hosted by Ash Kelley. Urquhart has a job as an autopsy tech/author, and Kelley is a hairdresser. They teamed up and became the true-crime podcast stars who they remain today.

In this article we explain about Alaina Urquhart’s net worth. It also explains her age, her biography, the beginning of her life, her husband, daughters, and other important details regarding her.

alaina urquhart net worth

Who Is Alaina Urquhart?

Alaina Urquhart is an podcaster from America. She is the most well-known host of the Morbid podcast, which tells the real crimes of America. Alaina Urquhart used to host the show together with her niece. Ashleigh Kelley as well as Alaina Urquhart host the crime story show from 2018 onwards.

Bio from Alaina Urquhart

Alaina Urquhart is an writer from America. She also is a host of true crime fiction. According to her biographical information, she was born on 28 December 1985. The place she was born in America. There isn’t any information about the family of her father in her biographical information.


Alaina Urquhart



Day of Birth

28 December 1985


5ft/2 inches tall



alaina urquhart net worth

The Beginning Life of Alaina Urquhart

Alaina Urquhart was born in America. There is no information about her home city, or her childhood listed in her biography. It will soon appear in the article. But, she joined the television show late in 2018 and was joined by a fellow host.

The co-host of the show is her niece. In her own interview, she stated that she joined following her degree. She joined a morbid podcast, authentic crime story. Because she was curious to learn more about the motivations and motivations behind murderers.

Alaina Urquhart Net Worth

As per the Forbes report, the current value of Alaina Urquhart is believed to be $3 million. Her earnings are derived from doing live streams, sharing real-life crimes, and telling stories.

Alaina Uqruhart reportedly has an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million; this is an incredible amount considering that she is primarily involved in the field of podcasting. Podcasting might be one of her primary streams of income. However, it’s not all that is the case. She has also worked freelance for numerous publications as a journalist or producer.

The success of Alaina Uqruhart as a podcaster is largely due to the fact that she has built up an extensive audience over time and allowing her to make money from advertising streams, as well as merchandise sales associated with her podcasts.

In the end, Alaina Urquhart has found the best financial security from podcasting. A greater number of people tune to the podcast now, and it’s not a secret that gifted individuals like her will continue to earn significant sums through this platform in the future.

alaina urquhart net worth


The car brand is not well-known.


She is currently living in the USA.

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Alaina Urquhart’s Source of Income

The principal source of income for Alaina Urquhart is live streaming of morbid true crime stories. She also works as a screenwriter for the morbid podcast. Additionally, she has a variety of other income sources like:

  • Deals for sponsorship or advertising with businesses
  • Subscriptions paid for or memberships
  • Crowdfunding via platforms such as Patreon
  • Merchandise sales (e.g., t-shirts, mugs, stickers)
  • Tickets to live events or appearances
  • Affiliate marketing (receiving an amount of money for promoting products or services)
  • Donations from listeners
  • Licensing content to different media or platforms
  • Create high-quality or unique content on paid platforms
  • The podcast’s rights are sold for re-adaptation to different formats (e.g., film, TV show, book)

Estimated Net Worth

$3 million

Annual income


Income per month


Alaina Urquhart’s Early Life

she is a popular American podcaster, author as well as a presenter who hosts an American True Crime anthology podcast titled Morbid The True Crime Podcast with their daughter Ashleigh Kelley from May 1st, 2018.

Alaina was born in the year 1985 in her home in the United States of America, Boston, to be exact. she is now 36 years old. She lives with her John, their three wonderful daughters, as well as an unnamed ghost Puggle known as Bailey.

It is clear that she is a fan of horror fiction and the macabre. Before writing her first novel of psychological horror, she was awarded academic degrees in the fields of criminal justice, psychology, and biology. Alongside her work as host of the “Morbid” podcast and hosts “Crime Countdown,” its own podcast, as well as “Scream!” an audio show that focuses on horror films.

Her days are filled with recording or performing. In her opinion, when she puts down her microphone at the end of an entire day, it’s the time to let the dead speak.

Her podcast has literally paved the way to fame and wealth for her. In terms of Alaina Urquhart’s net worth, her net worth is estimated to be 3 million dollars as per The majority of her money comes from the sales of her books, audiobooks, films, and more.

alaina urquhart net worth

Alaina Morbid Husband: Personal Life and Relationship

Who is Alaina Urquhart’s partner? His name is John Urquhart, and they have been married for more than 10 years and have three daughters. John has served as a wonderful friend to her and a caring father to her children.

In their anniversary celebration, she remarked that the john has always been supportive and loving. She also expressed her gratitude for his love for her.

Alaina Urquhart’s age and height

What is the age of Alaina? The actress was born in 1985 and is from the United States of America, Boston to be exact. she is now 36 years young. She weighs 60kg and is 5 feet and 1 inch. While her husband is at 6 feet 3 inches.

Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh Kelly Relationship

Be ready to plunge into the realm that is Alaina Urquhart as well as Ashleigh Kelly, whose connection is indestructible!

It is believed that Kelly is Urquhart’s niece. Together they’ve been able to create an unstoppable powerhouse behind the popular Morbid podcast. The show was first began on May 1 in 2018.

Their relationship remains an unanswered question for many, and there isn’t much information about their family connection. Although Urquhart isn’t open about her parentage, it’s evident mom played an important role in fostering her love for all things spooky.

At just seven years old, Urquhart got introduced to the novel Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, which ignited an obsession for life with the dark side of life.

As she got older, her curiosity led her to dive deeper into the criminal world of serial killers. She ended up finding her idol with the Dr. Bill Bass and his innovative Body Farm. With Kelly, Urquhart has built an impressive platform for exploring the dark aspect of life and has captivated audiences across the globe.

Alaina Career: Morbid Podcast Net Worth

Her career has been anything but intriguing, obscured by mystery, like the true story of a crime. Her impressive resume includes notable projects such as The Butcher & The Wren, The Rewatcher: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2023) and the tense Scream! (2020).

However, it was her first foray into podcasting that really brought her to the forefront. In May of 2018, Alaina teamed up with her sister Ashley to start a fun venture, which rapidly grew into a complete phenomenon. Their shared love of the dark side of life led them down the rabbit hole of true crime, and they perfected their craft and ultimately found their passion.

With a pinch of humor, Alaina and Ashley quickly caught the attention of listeners throughout their homes in the United States. Their podcast, Morbid, climbed to the top of Spotify charts at a brisk rate and eventually became an iconic cultural landmark and bringing in over 100 million dollars.

These days, their voices are associated with crime as well as their website is a sought-after location for companies seeking to establish themselves in American market.

The Book of Alaina Urquhart: The Butcher and The Wren

As a novelist, Alaina authored the fiction book “The Butcher and The Wren.” It is a suspense, thriller, horror, and crime-fiction book that follows the serial killer Jeremy and medical examiner Wren.

The book became available on the 13th of September, 2022. The hardcover edition will be available through Amazon for $18.99, in addition to the Kindle version is priced at $9.99. The book went on to become the NY Times, USA Today, and the top Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Alaina Urquhart’s Religious and Political Views

The beliefs of Alaina’s religion are an atheist who is agnostic. She doesn’t believe in the existence of gods and believes that their existence cannot be proved.

She is a Democrat. She affirmed her beliefs when Joe Biden was elected president and Kamala Harris was elected US vice-president.

Alaina Urquhart’s Teeth Controversy

Her teeth were the subject of a debate over their appearance and condition. Her pearly white teeth appear flawless, disproving all denture-related speculations that are not true.

Alaina Urquhart’s House

They live with her family in Boston together with her three children, husband and a ghost Puggle. Her husband, in 2021, purchased an all-new single-family home located at 16 Forthingham Drive in Easton that was worth more than 1.35 Million.

Prior to the podcast, they owned an older house. However, they paid one million in advance to purchase the house they now live in.


What is Alaina Urquhart Age?

Her birth date was 28th of December, 1985. In 2023 she’s 37 years older.

What is the worth of Alaina Urquhart?

In 2023, she had approximately $1.5 million. She made through her profession as an autopsy technician podcaster as well as writer and author.

Did Alaina Urquhart attend Harvard?

No. She didn’t attend Harvard. Her graduation was from the University of Massachusetts.

Do you think Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh Kelley are connected?

Yes. They are related. Alaina has the title of aunt to Ash.

Who is Alaina Urquhart’s husband?

The couple is John White. The couple got married on June 1st, 2012. They’ve been married for more than 10 years.

Where is Alaina Urquhart reside?

The woman lives with her family in Boston along with her entire family. They purchased a brand new home on 16 Forthingham Drive in Easton worth more than 1.35 million.

Are you sure Alaina Urquhart is still an autopsy tech?

Following the start of the podcast, She probably quit her autopsy technician position.

So, that’s all about Alaina Urquhart net worth

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