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Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth in 2023

Do you Know Anna Leigh Waters?

Anna Leigh Waters is an Pickle ball player from the United States. She was born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida, in the United States of America.

She’s been a huge sports fan since childhood, as she born from a family of athletes. And her mother, Leigh Waters, is also a pickle ball player.

In 2007, Anna Leigh and her family moved to Pennsylvania to avoid the storm Irma which hit that year at the home of her grandfather. While waiting for the hurricane to pass, she began to play pickle to pass the time.

She was so skilled in the game that, in the year of 2019, she was the youngest professionally trained of the sport in the history of sports at 12 years old.

anna leigh waters net worth

Anna Leigh Waters has received numerous awards in the short time. she played Pickle ball professionally. She has been awarded numerous prizes in singles or doubles, mixed singles, doubles, and mixed partners.

Although she’s just 16 years old, she’s as amazing as her professional career, her rank continues to climb within the world of Pickle ball, and she has been awarded gold medals at various tournaments all across the United States of America.

In addition to playing the sport of pickleball, Anna is also an experienced soccer player, but she’s not planning to be a professional at soccer.

She is mostly focused on Pickle ball. Anna is via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Anna has been active with her fans through Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook.

Anna Leigh Waters’s most memorable accomplishments in the field of Pickleball

Anna Leigh Waters has been able to accomplish a variety of amazing things during her initial career in pickleball. Here are some of her greatest accomplishments:

  • The world’s best player in the world rankings for women’s singles. Waters is ranked as the top athlete in the world in women’s singles from 2021. She is the youngest pickleball player to have this title.
  • US Open champion: Waters has won the US Open in women’s singles twice, in 2021 and in 2020. The youngest player to win the event.
  • USA Pickleball Nationals champion: Waters has won the USA Pickleball Nationals in women’s singles twice in 2021 and the year 2020. Waters is the youngest person to win the competition.
  • PPA Tour Championship winner: Waters won the PPA Tour Championship in 2020. Waters is the youngest person to ever take home this title.
  • PPA Tour Finals winner: Waters won the PPA Tour Finals in 2021. The youngest participant to be crowned the winner of the event.
  • Junior Pickleball World Champion: Waters won the Junior Pickleball World Championship in the year 2019. The youngest participant to win the event.

Waters is a rising star in the field of Pickleball, and she’s likely to keep doing amazing things over the coming years.

The Age, Height, and the Income

Anna Leigh Waters is 16 years old in the year 2023. She has an average height of 5’9 inches (1.75 meters). Her earnings are derived from modeling gigs, as well as posts on social media and commercial material. In addition, she earns money through her fashion and lifestyle blog.

Anna Leigh Waters Net Worth

Anna Leigh Waters net worth is estimated at $2 million by the year 2020. The primary source of income is her modeling career. In addition, she earns money from her social media profiles and blogs. In addition, she makes money through various endorsements and sponsorships.

Anna Leigh Waters is an actress, model, and social media celebrity and also a fashion blogger. She is getting acclaim for her work on Instagram, which has over 1.4 million followers. Anna Leigh Waters is estimated to have an income of 2 million dollars, which she earns from modeling as well as posts on social media as well as her own blog.


Anna Leigh Waters

Day of Birth

January 26, 2007.


sixteen years (as of 2023)


[Not married]




Delray Beach, Florida


Pickleball Player

Zodiac Sign



5 ft 9 inches (175 cm)



Net Worth

$2.0 Million (as of 2023)



Anna leigh waters net worth – Average amount Anna Leigh Waters makes a year

The earnings from Annaleigh Waters are varying dependent on her performance in sporting events as well as sponsorship contracts. But, it is estimated to bring in about $1 million a year.

Waters is also a popular person on social media, with over 100,000 users who follow her on Instagram. She earns money through advertisements and sponsorships on her social media channels.

Anna leigh waters net worth – Anna Leigh Waters Boyfriend

Anna Leigh Waters is not currently linked in a relationship at present. She hasn’t divulged any information about her relationship with anyone or any personal relationship on any websites or in interviews.

Waters is focusing on her professional career in pickleball. She’s stated she isn’t interested in relationships in the present. She is focused on her training and the tournaments she plays.

It’s is also possible Waters may have been in a relationship with an individual in private. She hasn’t been in a position to confirm or deny any rumors about her relationship life.

All we need we can determine is if Anna Leigh Waters will start dating in the near future. However, at the moment, she seems to be focusing on her professional career in pickleball and the goals she has set herself for her.

Anna leigh waters net worth – Anna Leigh Waters’s Life Story

In addition to playing pickleball, Waters was also a football player on a higher level, but she chose to focus solely on pickleball. Her mother is named Leigh, who is her coach and manager. She also serves as her doubles partner for the game. Waters is home-schooled by her grandmother. Leigh has suggested she put off her college education in order to pursue a professional tennis career.

Waters has a product of the sportswear manufacturer Fila along with Paddleteck. Waters has a distinctive paddle design and is in partnership with Paddleteck. On February 10, 2023, which was just ( 6 months earlier), Waters re-signed with Paddleteck. Waters is assisted through Lock Laces.

Anna leigh waters net worth – Anna Leigh Waters’s professional career

Anna Leigh Waters, born in Delray Beach, Florida, was introduced to pickleball after storm Irma in 2017, almost six years, seven months, and eight weeks back. At 11 years old, Waters participated in her first tournament in Dallas, Texas. Amazingly at 12 just a few days ago, Waters was the youngest professional player to ever play pickleball.

Although she stopped the sport of picklenall in 2020, which occurred three years and seven months eight days before due to COVID-19, Waters returned to the sport and won multiple times in singles, mixed doubles as well as doubles.

Leigh Waters’s mother, Leigh Waters, serves as her coach, doubles coach, and partner and doubles partner, making the duo the only mother-daughter pair on the field of pro-level volleyball. Waters was also a mixed doubles player along with Ben Johns and shared the court with many of the world’s most famous athletes, including Michael Phelps, Jamie Foxx, Sugar Ray Leonard, Scottie Scheffler, Jordan Spieth, Larry Fitzgerald, and Danny Wuerffel.

Waters is a fierce game style that is built on speed and strength, not her skill. Her achievements include winning the national championship in doubles in 2021 in the Orlando Cup and achieving gold in singles at numerous events, such as her participation in the Newport Beach Showcase, Orlando Cup, Texas Open, and Margaritaville USA Pickleball Nationals Championship.

Also, she won the individual bronze medal at the 2021 2 years 7 months before the U.S. Open, together with silver in doubles and bronze in mixed doubles at the 2021 Acrytech Atlanta Open.

In a historic event in 2022 that took place nearly 1 year, 7 months, and just eight days before, Waters and her mother were part of the first-ever nationally telecast pickleball tournament by CBS Sports, defeating Lucy Kovalova and Callie Smith at the Skechers Invitational Summer Championship at the Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles.

On the 20th of May, 2023 almost three months and eight days earlier, Waters achieved yet another landmark when he won the PPA North Carolina Open mixed doubles title. He was playing alongside the World No. 8. player Jack Sock in his professional debut in pickleball.

Anna leigh waters net worth – Anna Leigh Waters’s strategy

Anna Leigh Waters has declared that she will continue to play for the time she’s capable. She would like to achieve more wins and be the best player on earth. She is determined to further develop the sport of pickleball and help more players learn this sport.

Anna leigh waters net worth – The world’s No. One Player on the field of Pickleball

Ben Johns is the most loved pickleball player around the world today. He’s a 24-year-old American who has been the top in the sport for a long time now. Johns has won more than 80 titles, including 15 triple crowns. That means Johns has won singles, doubles, and mixed doubles at the identical event 15 times! He’s the current world’s top male mixed doubles.

Anna leigh waters net worth – Winnings on the table of Pickleball?

Earnings through pickleball is growing rapidly. In 2022 the prize pool for tournaments held in the field of pickleball was around five million. In 2023 it is expected to reach $7 million.

Professional players of pickleball can earn millions of dollars in prizes each season. In addition to cash prizes, professional players also earn money from sponsorships.

Current sponsors for Anna Leigh Waters

Anna Leigh Waters is supported by many kind patrons that believe in her talents and potential. The sponsors she is supported by are Paddletek, Carvana (who even gifted her with a brand-new Range Rover as she prepares to get her driver’s license) along with LOC LACES(r), Dynasty Financial Partners, FILA, and Studio Margaret.

Sponsors play an important role in assisting Anna to follow her passion and be successful in her endeavors.

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Anna Leigh Waters Paddle

Anna Leigh Waters plays with the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 paddle for pickleball in competitions. This is her preferred pickleball paddle to use. Its unique design features its Paddletek Bantam paddle that helps Anna to perform at the highest level when she is on the court.

The traits and features that this model has might match her playing style and manner, which allows her to display her skills effectively during games.

Anna Leigh Waters’ Paddle weight

Anna Leigh Waters’ weight for her paddle is in the ideal size for most players, with a weight range of 7.5 between 7.5 and 7.9 pounds (213 up to 224g). The weight range is typically thought of as a perfect starting point for athletes because it is a good balance of maneuverability and stability in court.

With a paddle that falls in this category of weight, Anna Leigh Waters can keep her shot under control and still generate enough energy to meet her goals while playing.

Anna Leigh Waters birth

Anna Leigh Waters is 16 years old American professional player in the sport of pickleball born on the 26th day of January 2007. She is the No.1 in mixed singles, doubles and doubles according to the rules of the PPA (Professional Pickleball Association ) at the time of October 2022.

Now she is a pickle ball star and is a standout player being the longest-running professional player in the world at 12 years old.

Leigh Waters (44 years old – Her mother) is her always-present friend in all things. she is working hard to ensure the success of her professional pickleball player.

At just 16 years old, she’s currently focused on her sport. According to sources, she is not yet married. But cant able to find any other details online.

Anna Leigh Waters Family

Anna Waters came into the world as a beautiful baby of Stephen Waters and Leigh Waters. They lived in the bustling city, which was Delray Beach, Florida. But, the fate changed in 2017. Hurricane Irma was allowed to move toward the neighborhood the couple loved.

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