Arthur Hayes Net Worth In 2023! A Free Guide

Arthur Hayes net worth – Arthur Hayes is an American banker and entrepreneur who is most famous for the creation of BitMEX which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The year 1985 was the time he came to Detroit, Michigan, and was raised on America.

arthur hayes net worth

Arthur Hayes Career Information

Arthur Hayes began his career in finance, as a trader in equities at Deutsche Bank and Citigroup. He was able to gain experience in conventional financial markets however it was his fascination with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency that prompted Hayes to seek a job in the new market.

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The year 2014 was the time that Hayes founded BitMEX (Bitcoin the Mercantile Exchange) an online cryptocurrency trading platform that trades derivatives.

BitMEX quickly gained acclaim for the high-leverage and distinctive financial services, drawing professional traders from all over the globe. Under Hayes, BitMEX experienced tremendous growth with the daily trading amount worth billions.

But, BitMEX had to contend with legal problems and controversy. In the year 2020, Hayes stepped down as CEO and quit all executive positions at BitMEX due to charges brought against BitMEX in government officials from the United States. Despite this, Hayes remains influential in the field of cryptocurrency.

In addition to his involvement in conjunction with BitMEX, Hayes has been involved in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. Hayes has invested in crypto-related startups and taken part in creation of new technologies and products in the field of blockchain.

Hayes is well-known for his outspoken and controversial opinions about financial markets and cryptocurrency. Hayes has spoken frequently at conferences for the industry and has been quoted in various publications like Bloomberg as well CNBC.

Who’s Arthur Hayes?

Arthur Hayes is a very well-known name in the institution financial sector. In the beginning of cryptocurrency, people could not speak about or discuss trading in financial markets without mention of his name or company.

Hayes is the CEO and co-founder of the well-known BitMEX. The term “platform” is that is derived of Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange and it was created by Hayes which allows users to trade bitcoins and benefit from other bitcoin-related services.

arthur hayes net worth

Hayes has graduated from Wharton School of Business with an Economics degree. He planned to work in real estate but decided to go to earn an economics degree when he was at university.

The degree provided insight into what he could do in the near future to earn earning a living, which was to be an executive partner in one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. At this point the lessons learned at Wharton were used to their advantage and also helped the Mr. Hayes create his cryptocurrency exchange.

Following his graduation, he relocated into Hong Kong, China for some time, and was a derivatives equity trader. He worked for two of the biggest banks around the globe, Citibank and Deutsche Bank. Through this experience Mr. Hayes was able to gain knowledge and expertise in swaps, trading as well as other areas of expertise that are related to asset and business trading.

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Things started shifting for Arthur after he was fired from his job at the big financial institutions. When he was fired in Citi in 2013 he began bitcoin trading full-time. He has seen rapid growth since then.

Arthur Hayes Personal Information


Arthur Hayes

Full Name

Arthur Hayes




Detroit, Michigan, United States


United States



Current City

Detroit, Michigan


African American








Car Collection


arthur hayes net worth

Arthur Hayes Education Information


Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania


University of Pennsylvania

Arthur Hayes Physical Information

Arthur Hayes is 38 years old and has dark eyes and dark hair. While specific height and weight information isn’t available, he does have slim physique. Hayes keeps a professional appearance and is frequently wearing business attire at public appearances and at conferences.


38 years old





Sexual Orientation


Eyes Color


Hair Color


How Did Arthur Hayes Start His Career?

Hayes moved from Hong Kong in 2008 to start his career in investment banking.

He was employed by Deutsche Bank as an equity derivatives trader for five years prior to becoming a member of Citigroup.

He was the chief market maker of ETFs in both businesses. Hayes quit Deutsche Bank in 2011 to become an Delta 1 trader for Citibank in Hong Kong.

In 2014 He was a co-founder of BitMEX along with Ben Delo and Samuel Reed.

Arthur Hayes donated $2.24 million to the Jackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) Scholars program in March of 2019.

In July 2019, he co-founded 100x Group. BitMEX has bought 100x Group.

Hayes and co-conspirators were arrested by the US Department of Justice for an illegal operation in the month of October 2020.

According to an Wall Street Journal article published on August 10, 2021 BitMEX along with the CFTC reached a deal. To settle the dispute BitMEX agreed to pay a fine of $100 million.

Hayes and co-founders Benjamin Delo, Samuel Reed along with Gregory Dwyer pleaded guilty on February 24, 2022 to “willfully not establishing and implement the anti-money-laundering (“AML”) program at BitMEX.”

Hayes has been sentenced two years of probation and six months house arrest.

Arthur Hayes Income

Arthur Hayes, is the co-founder of BitMEX an international cryptocurrency exchange. He met two of the founders Ben Delo and Samuel Reed in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, they gathered their work ethic in finance, finance and knowledge of trading to form the company. The experience gained from Citibank will prove valuable to the Mr. Hayes at this time.

arthur hayes net worth

The first phase of establishing BitMEX was about establishing new ground and proved to be extremely difficult for the team. Because this kind of business model had not been seen before it was a challenge for the BitMEX team had to be creative and confront the challenges that no one else had ever faced before. This venture didn’t occur overnight either.

The team worked long hours for nearly four years to create the BitMEX business an success. It was evident that their efforts to work hard would not go without reward as people across the globe began to make use of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in trading through the BitMEX’s platform. This all came to fruition because of 3 co-founders.

It is a multi-million dollar business in the present and is making huge profits from the massive number of traders who take advantage of BitMex. Every day, they earn around $2 billion of trading. This alone has brought the co-founders a huge amount of money.

The co-founders hold thousands of million of dollars in their accounts. They are all recognized as crypto billionaires because of the growth of their cryptocurrency exchange.

What Is Arthur Hayes Net Worth?

As a co-founder of a highly profitable cryptocurrency and bitcoin business, Arthur Hayes has sure earned a fair amount of money. The profits continue to flow through his business and his many assets. It is now possible to be certain that he’s in the top tier of most successful young people in the field of cryptocurrency.

A figure is not based on the net worth of Arthur Hayes even though he was able to make it huge with the development of BitMEX. As of now, BitMEX has a net worth of $3.6 billion and is expanding. The company’s current headquarters is Hong Kong and is still driving the company forward with other co-founders.

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What was the process by which Arthur Hayes build his net worth?

Arthur Hayes, the co-founder and the former CEO of BitMEX, has earned an estimated net worth of be around the hundreds of millions. How did he achieve this level of wealth?

Hayes graduated with degrees in finance and economics at top universities prior to beginning his career with Deutsche Bank as an equities trader. Then he relocated from Hong Kong and worked for Citibank as a member of their ETF market-making team.

In 2013, it wasn’t till when Hayes made his debut in the crypto market through the establishment of BitMEX together with two other investors. It quickly gained recognition in the eyes of traders due to its leverage options that are high.

BitMEX its business strategy is quite simple It charges crypto enthusiasts fees to trade via the site. The platform has the billions in dollars being traded through BitMEX each day it’s evident that the exchange generates lots of money for Hayes.

Despite having some legal problems in recent times, Arthur Hayes’ success is largely due to his understanding of traditional finance and his early adoption of and ingenuity within the space of cryptocurrency.

When BitMEX has become one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading companies so it’s not surprising that Hayes was able to accumulate substantial wealth along the co-founders. His entrepreneurial skills and willingness to take risks certainly been rewarded in terms of the accumulation of wealth.

What was the impact of the litigation on the net worth

In 2022, the BitMEX team was found guilty of infractions to anti-money-laundering laws and other infractions. Apart from a not too harsh punishments in the form of a restriction on freedom, the founders were fined the sum of $10,000,000 each.

This obviously did not much affect the amount of capital. However, the decision of the court resulted in some reputational damage. BitMEX didn’t earn the profits it could have made in 2022.

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In the end, Arthur Hayes is an influential person in the field of cryptocurrency. As co-founder of BitMEX, he played an integral role in the development and growth that the company has achieved. Despite the legal and the controversies surrounding BitMEX, Hayes made a notable impact on the market and accumulated a significant net worth. His outspoken views and experience in the field of finance have consolidated his status as a prominent name in the field of cryptocurrency.


A:Where was Arthur Hayes born?

AArthur Hayes was born Detroit, Michigan, United States.

Q:How old is Arthur Hayes?

A:Arthur Hayes is 38 Years old (2023).

A:How much Arthur Hayes net worth?

Arthur Hayes’s Net Worth is $550 Million.

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