Cole Bennett Net Worth In 2023! Free Guide

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Cole Bennett is an American business executive filmmaker, and music video directo. He became famous due to his multimedia business Lyrical Lemonade that he founded in 2013, while he was in high school.

Over the last ten years roughly, his business has played a significant role in the success of hip-hop artists Ski Mask the Slum God as well as Lil Pump along with numerous other artists.

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In 2023, he has greater than 20 million subscribers on the internet. His YouTube channel, in its entirety, has 15.7 million users and six billion viewers.

Cole Bennet is famous for his many occupations. Born on the 14th of May, 1996 in Plano, Illinois. In the beginning of 2010 He attended Plano High School and then was enrolled at DePaul University. He walked out of the college to pursue an occupation in videography.

Furthermore the musician also decided to devote more time to hip music, which was something he has always wanted to pursue since his youth.

The year 2013 was when Bennett was the first to establish his company, which is now a corporation Lyrical Lemonade, which was originally an online blog. When he was a student at Plano High School in Chicago, Bennett began to direct himself in music videos with the local Chicago rappers.

The first video he directed was music video clips made for Taylor Bennett and Vic Mensa. Apart from his music-related videos, the musician also created various videos like documentaries, ciphers as well as live show recaps and interviews.

The business executive was able to make a fortune within a matter of days after he quit the school system to begin an opportunity in hip-hop videos and music. The first music video he uploaded to YouTube was Bnova’s Call of the Wild that has garnered around 104,000 views and netted him the estimated amount of $2,000 to $3,500.

cole bennett net worth

Cole Bennett Net Worth: How Rich Is He

Cole Bennett is an American videographer, business executive as well as music video producer. He is famous for his multimedia business; his net worth is around $41 million..

He runs his own company that is multimedia Lyrical Lemonade It was founded as a blog on the internet when he was at high school in 2013. He is a young man who has made it in business and is now working towards the career of his dreams.

Cole Bennett’s Early Life

Cole Bennett was born on 14th of May, 1996 at Plano, Illinois. He has not shared any details regarding his siblings or parents.

Cole Bennett’s First Dollars

Cole Bennett began his journey to success as a student at high school from Plano when he created the blog Lyrical Lemonade. It was an online project of passion that provided Cole the chance to talk about his opinions on artists from the greater Chicago region.

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Writing was not enough for Cole but he was determined to make it happen. Cole desired Lyrical Lemonade to become a space for young artists to gain the recognition they need to succeed. For that it would require cameras.

Luckily for Cole, his mother was a big fan of Cole’s ambition. He eventually got his first camera for video when he was in junior in the high school. With a camera on his shoulder, Cole could finally start creating the music videos which he’d always hoped to make.

How much is he earning every year?

Cole Bennet makes about $500,000 per year from his various business ventures. And, as I’ve said that this figure will continue increasing as his career took off. In addition his popularity in social media platforms such like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube is growing each year.

How do Cole Bennet make money?

Cole Bennet is a very active young man. He has a wide range of jobs, like side ventures in business. The majority of his income comes from the revenue from his YouTube channel Lyrical Lemonade. the channel earns a huge amount of money from YouTube because of the millions of views that every video receives.

Lyrical Lemonade has more than 17 million users, while the most watched video having over 700 million viewers. That’s an incredible number. Lyrical Lemonade, the multimedia company, is only eight years old.

Cole is also director and producer on music videos. He assists young and emerging rappers, particularly underground rappers from Chicago to create videos and become popular.

Since the beginning, Cole has been traveling across the country working with a variety of mainstream rappers. This clearly brings in huge income for Cole.

Cole Bennet’s Career

Cole Bennet’s career began to take off due to the success in Lyrical Lemonade. The main objective of Lyrical Lemonade is to help promote young underground and aspiring rappers.

However, lately, they’ve been working alongside mainstream artists. They also are responsible for the rise that has been gaining for Lil Pump and Ski mask the Slump God.

Benner also took advantage of the occasion to market his own products and lemonade drink in the Lyrical Lemonade brand. Cole is extremely enthusiastic about the venture, said he was looking to be competitive with Minute Maid and other big lemonade and juice firms.

From videography to lemonade drinks and merchandise, to collaboration with mainstream hip-hop artists, Cole Bennet is very busy. We’ll see more of his wacky animated videos. Keep an eye on his YouTube channel for further news.

What inspired Cole Bennett start Lyrical Lemonade?

Bennett began Lyrical Lemonade in 2013 when he was still in high school.

Bennett started making music videos for Chicago-based artists in the city while his high-school years were in full swing. He quickly became famous for his imaginative and stunning videos that attracted the attention of a larger public. He continued to produce videos for emerging artists, and his work was gaining more recognition and acclaim.

In the year 2015, Bennett launched Lyrical Lemonade it was a blog with music reviews as well as interviews with musicians. The blog quickly grew in popularity and Bennett began using the platform to advertise his music videos as well as the artists he collaborated with.

In the years that Lyrical Lemonade grew in popularity, Bennett expanded the brand to include live events, merchandise and even the establishment of a record label. Nowadays, Lyrical Lemonade is one of the most well-known music and entertainment brands with a large audience on social media and a reputation for identifying and promoting the newest artists in the music business.

Cole Bennett’s Rise

Cole’s videography talents were gradually getting better throughout the beginning and mid-2010s. In the midst of it, rappers began wanting more involved shoots – promo videos, teasers and, most importantly music videos.

Cole continued to create music videos into the late 2010s, collaborating with larger and more famous names as the years progressed. The most famous clientele are Lil PeepJuice WRLDSki Mask the Slump God as well as Lil Skies.

His work started to go viral up in the year 2018 after he debuted a series of music videos that were extremely popular that included “Armed & Dangerous” by Juice WRLD and “Creeping” by Lil Skies.

This series of hits made Cole a household name within the music industry and has since made him among the top desired music video directors in the industry. In the year 2019, he received nominations for MTV’s Video Music Awards — one for Best Cinematography and another for Best Editing.

Cole was nominated for both awards based on what he did for “I” from the Lil Skies video.

Today Cole’s Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel has 19.3 million viewers making it the 161st most-subscribed channel in the world.

Cole Bennett House

Cole Bennett lives in her 6,400 square foot luxury home located within Plano, Illinois. Cole Bennett has bought this property at $8 million dollars. The house of Cole Bennett is equipped with 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a huge Pool, and many other things.

Cole Bennett Assets & Investments

Cole Bennett’s assets consist of five property in real estate, five cars, and a luxury yacht. Cole Bennett’s Assets Portfolio also contains cash reserves of more than $10 million.

Cole Bennett also owns an investment portfolio consisting of seven stocks valued at $11 million. Some of the stocks held by Cole Bennett are listed below.

  • Comcast
  • IBM
  • Apple
  • ExxonMobil
  • Netflix
  • PayPal

Cole Bennett Loans and Liabilities

Some time ago, in an effort to pursue his university education, Cole Bennett has taken an education loan for students of $35,000. After gaining a lot of attention on Television and earning huge sums of cash, Cole Bennett has repaid the loan for his education in full.

But, Cole Bennett has a large loan of $5 million in the past few years for business expansion requirements and also to enter the world of media. The loan is in good standing at HSBC Bank, and will be included in the calculation of the net worth of Cole Bennett.

Other Ventures

Cole developed both the YouTube channel and website “Lyrical Lemonade” when he was in his senior year at high school. It later developed into an vlog, blog, a promotion company as well as an event management firm as well as a music video production company, and so on.

Bennett was given the chance to collaborate together with Soulja Boy and make the music video of his track “Workin It”. Then, the rapper Dax came to him and demanded Bennett to make an original video for the single that became a viral hit.

After the huge successful release, Dax came back to collaborate together with Cole on a variety of live performances as well as music videos for songs that were popular. In the midst of all this, Cole was also working with Soulja Boy and had the chance to collaborate together with the the local Chicago legendary King Louie.

Cole has expanded the scope of his Lyrical Lemonade business by transforming it into products and lemonade drinks. In the early months of 2020, the company formed a partnership with Jordan Brand to launch a collection of sweatshirts, shoes along with many other items.

Career Highlights

Lyrical Lemonade (Production company founded in 2013)

Godzilla (Directed Eminem’s smash single (released in 2020)

2020-2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, Video Director of the Year _ Nominations

2022 Streamy Award, Cinematography _ Won


Cole Bennett is a businessman who founded his own company for coordination when he was in his teen years. He initially founded the company, now known as Lyrical Lemonade to run an online blog, following the time his mother purchased him an camera.

As a teenager, Bennett decided to drop out of high school to go into the field of hip-hop and videography. By 2023 the net worth of Cole Bennett is estimated at $41 million.

Since the beginning, he has had numerous successes and has made thousands of dollars. His net worth is believed to be growing and he is one of the top videographers in the United States, especially in hip-hop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you Cole Bennett dating?

He is currently involved in a relationship with Lana Marie.

From where do you think Cole Bennett from?

He was raised and born in the city of Rlano, Illinoidz, United Dztates.

How old is Cole Bennett?

At present, he’s twenty-five years old.

The height is what? Cole Bennett?

He stands 6 feet 7 inches tall.

What is Cole Bennett net worth?

Cole Bennett aka Lyrical Lemonade Net Worth is $41 million.

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