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Damon johnson net worth

Who is Damon Johnson?

Damon Johnson, also known as Damon Rogers Johnson, came into the life on July 13th, 1964 at Macon, Georgia. 

He is an American musician who is passionate about playing guitar, writing music and singing. Presently, he performs as both a solo artist and as an Thin Lizzy member. His musical journey has been memorable.

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Damon Johnson net worth is $3 million as of 2024.

Through his school years the place he lived was Monroeville, Alabama. In this time, he along with his eighth-grade classmates such as Allen Nettles, Pat Buskill, Troy Dobbins, and Mac Baker developed a deep passion for playing guitar. The passion grew into the creation of a garage group named Renegade.

His family then relocated into Geraldine, Alabama, where the teen completed the requirements for high school. It was remarkable that his passion for music was never deterred through the years of shaping his life.

He was a regular participant in local bands throughout the northeastern part of Alabama as he progressively developed his musical skills.

From humble beginnings in his hometowns to the wide horizons of his subsequent musical career Damon Johnson, as a musician, guitarist and singer shows a constant commitment to music as well as the amazing journey it has led him to.

damon johnson net worth

Damon Johnson Net Worth and How He Achieved His Wealth

Damon Johnson net worth is around $3 million. He made this fortune being a vocalist, guitarist and music producer.

Johnson’s rise to fame started with his participation in the regional band Headline, Split the Dark, Georgia band Witness, Chinatown and Chyld.

Virgin Records contacted Chyld, and they ultimately signed an agreement for development. this allowed Johnson to join the leading vocals and the group’s initial name changed into Brother Cane.

Early Life

Damon Rogers Johnson was born in Macon, Georgia, on July 13th 1964. His family relocated from there to Monroeville, Alabama, where was where he grew up. He also became interested in the guitar.

The first time he tried rock was the first garage band he joined known as Renegade which he founded with fellow eighth graders. He continued to play guitar through the teen years of high school and with other garage bands following his family relocated from Geraldine, Alabama.

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Damon Johnson then joined and was a part of a variety of local bands, such as Headline, Split the Dark and the Georgia group Witness, Chinatown, and Chyld.

Virgin Records approached Chyld and agreed to a development deal that led to Johnson singing lead and renaming the group as Brother Cane.

Rise to Fame

Through Brothers Cane, Damon Johnson started his journey towards becoming known as a household name. The band launched their self-titled debut album on the 10th of May 1993.

The album’s debut had two singles “Got No Shame” and “That Don’t Satisfy Me.” Both singles were featured by the Billboard Mainstream Rock singles chart at #6 and #2 respectively.

Its self-titled Brother Cane first album was able to reach the top 14 spot on the Heatseekers chart, and sold more than 250,000 copies.

The album that followed, Seeds, released on July 4, 1995 was a bit more successful in terms of popularity.

The reason for this is due to the fact that it includes “Hung On a Rope”, “And Fools Shine On”, “20/20 Faith” as well as “Horses & Needles” on the soundtrack to the horror film Halloween the Curse of Michael Myers.

The first single from Seeds, “And Fools Shine On,” reached 5 in the Mainstream Rock chart.

The third album and the final of the group, and released at the end of March is Wishpool. The album was a huge success, earning Brother Cane a top-ten Mainstream Rock chart single, “I Lie in the Bed I Make.”

Damon Johnson regards this album as the one he’s most satisfied with, and he says it as his most personal remark as an musician and lyricist. The album was written amid a turbulent period in his marriage. This resulted in intimate lyrics as well as music compositions.

However, the band’s albums were not able to attract attention from the media, and they experienced evidently no interest from the major music magazines. 

The result was a decline in sales in turn Virgin Records released the band from their contract. This was following which the band members took the decision to break up.

damon johnson net worth

Major Career Highlights

Damon Johnson was very active as an active member in “Brother Cane” as he performed as a headlining group and as a backing band for big names like Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robert Plant, Candlebox and Aerosmith.

The year 1997 was the time Damon Johnson played guitar on Sammy Hagar’s “Marching to Mars” album.

Damon made and dropped his album solo “Dust,” which consists of several original songs that written by him in 2000.

The year 2001 was the time Damon was a co-writer on a hit song “Every Day,” together with Stevie Nicks, released on her album “Trouble in Shangri-La.”

He also joined forces together with the producer Kelly Gray and the Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield to form the side project titled “Slave to the System.” The group recorded their own album, self-titled in 2002 it was then reissued in 2006 by Spitfire Records in 2006.

in 2002 Damon performed electric as well as Acoustic guitars in Faith Hill’s smash hit “Cry.”

Damon composed and played bass as well as sang on The Red Halo EP Dead Man’s Vitamins In 2003.

Between 2001 and 2003, Damon played the lead guitar for rock legend John Waite.

In the year 2004, Damon became a part of Alice Cooper’s group He was a co-writer on the album “Dirty Diamonds,” and joined the band on tours between 2004 and 2007.

Damon co-wrote the tune “Just Feel Better” in 2005 along with Jamie Houston and Buck Johnson.

In 2007 Damon quit Alice Cooper’s group to form Whiskey Falls with Seven Williams, Buck Johnson, and Wally Brandt.

damon johnson net worth

The band released their album on the 25th of September, 2007. The album reached 25 on the Country’s music chart, and #171 according to the Billboard 200 chart.

As of 2009, Damon was back as the guitarist of Alice Cooper’s band. He was in the documentary “Theatre of Death-Live at Hammersmith,” that was released in the year 2010.

In the year 2010, Damon dropped his sophomore album “Release,” and co-wrote the album with Stevie Nicks and Carlos Santana. Also, he sang in a duet with his daughter Sarah Marlo Johnson.

In the year 2011, Scot Gorham called Johnson to take over the guitar of the band for their forthcoming tour. Damon was able to take advantage of the chance and toured with the band for more than two years.

The band in 2012 band members of Thin Lazy wanted to record new material, but due to the departure of the frontman Phil Lynott, the band chose to record and play under the name “Black Star Riders.”

Black Star Riders also released their debut album, “All Hell Breaks Loose,” and Damon wrote the album with their frontman Ricky Warwick in 2013.

In the year 2015, Black Star Riders released their second album, “The Killer Instinct,” which climbed to number 13 in The UK Album chart.

The band released their 3rd album “Heavy Fire,” In 2017, the album reached #6 according to charts in UK charts for albums.

In the year 2018, Damon left Black Star Riders and began to focus on his solo projects. Damon also released a single album “Memoirs of an Uprising.”

in 2021 Damon came out with his new album “Battlessons,” Now he released it under the name band “Damon Johnson & The Get Ready.”

On July 20, 2021 Damon became part of the roster that comprised the Lynyrd The Skynyrd to serve as an alternative to Gary Rossington.

damon johnson net worth

The singer is the sole member of the group that has ever lived in Alabama. This gives credence to the biggest hit song of the band, “Sweet Home Alabama.”

In 2022, the band was a band and did several reunion shows up to the beginning of 2023. From 2013onwards, this marked the very first occasion they were together.

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