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Eric Mays: Biography

Eric mays net worth – Eric Mays was born in the United States in 1977. Eric Mays graduated from University of Southern California with an MBA. Following his graduation, he began investing in a wide range of companies.

He is now an experienced entrepreneur and investor through investments in technology, real estate media, and many more. Alongside his commercial growth, Mays is also known for his charitable work.

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He has contributed to a variety of causes and is active in various charitable organizations.

Eric Mays: Lifestyle

Eric Mays leads a luxurious life, living in various cities. He’s frequently attended to at events of a high-end nature and travels often. Mays is also well-known for his generosity, donating his time and funds to various causes.

Eric Mays is an American investor and entrepreneur who has made it big with his investments in different sectors. His net worth of $100 million and lives a lavish lifestyle. Mays is also well-known for his generosity, donating his time and cash to a variety of causes.

Eric Mays Net Worth

By 2023 the net worth of Eric Mays is estimated to be 100 millions. This wealth results from investments in various sectors, as well as his charitable endeavors. Mays exhibits his charitable inclination by donating time and money to diverse causes.

Before we go on Let’s get some basic information concerning Eric Mays, the businessman, politician, and social media celebrity.

eric mays net worth


Eric Mays

Birth date

September 16, 1958

Eric Mays zodiac sign

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63 years (as as of August 2022)


Michigan, United States






Politician (Councilman of Flint City)

Marital Status



Megan Ritchie

Active for many years


Educational degree


Eye color


Hair Color


Eric Mays Early Life

Eric Mays was born on 16 September 1958 in Flint, Michigan. Growing in a middle-class household. His parents were committed towards his schooling. They wanted to provide him a better future.

Eric Mays Education

Eric Mays attended prestigious schools in Michigan during his high school and primary years. He pursued in his education through Michigan University, excelling in his master’s degree. He then pursued an MBA from The University of Southern California.

Following his graduation, he quickly looked into various business investments. He achieved notable accomplishments as an investor and entrepreneur.

Eric Mays’s Personal Life

Eric Mays is married to Megan Ritchie. It’s unclear whether they have children.

Eric Mays is a caring and committed family man. He has a close and strong relationship with his wife as well as children.

As the husband of his wife, he’s dedicated towards his spouse and values their bond. He regards his wife as his most trusted friend and companion to support her dreams and hopes. They share a strong bond founded on love, trust and mutual respect.

A father is a privilege. he is engaged in the lives of his children. He loves spending time with his children, from helping them with homework, to attending school functions and extracurricular activities. He enjoys teaching his children important life lessons as well as instilling the important values that will guide the course of their lives.

He aims to create a loving and positive environment in his home where children are cherished, supported and encouraged to pursue their interests. He promotes an open and honest dialogue with his children and is willing for them to express their needs and praise their accomplishments.

Eric Mays Career

Eric Mays is a councilman in Flint, Michigan. He has been actively involved in politics for more than 10 years. 2013 was the year he was able to secure an appointment as a member of the City Council.

He took the victory by a small margin of only eight votes being up against the his opponent Anita Brown.

This position was held for a period of four years. As of 2015, Mays was a candidate for mayor’s office. He ran against incumbent city mayor Dayne Walling Karen Weaver, and Councilman Wantwaz Davis.

Mays had notable roles including serving as vice-president of city council members and chair of the financial committee.

Eric Mays Salary

Eric Mays has an annual income of $70,000. If you look at his weekly earnings, Eric earns approximately $1,346, and if you consider the per-day earnings, Eric makes about $269 every day.

With a salary of $70,000 per year, Eric Mays enjoys a financially secure situation. The monthly income is not just enough to meet his expenses for the day but also allows to save for goals in the future or unplanned expenses. This steady income per month is a solid way to ensure financial safety.

The earnings per week of $1,346 provide a steady cash flow, which makes it simpler for him to keep track of his monthly expenses and bills. It’s similar to having a stable budget all year.

When you break it down to a daily rate, he makes around $269.23 per day. This helps to meet his daily expenses including food and transportation as well as any additional expenses that could occur.

With this $70,000 annual income and a secure financial situation. His monthly earnings is not just enough to meet his expenses for the day but also allows to save for goals in the future or for unexpected expenses. This steady income per month is a solid income source that can provide financial stability.

The weekly earnings of $1,346 guarantee a constant cash flow, which makes it simpler for him to handle his daily spending and bills. It’s similar to having a stable budget over the course of the year.

In order to break it down into the daily amount, Eric Mays earns approximately $269.23 per day. This helps with his daily expenses like groceries or transportation costs, as well as additional expenses that could be incurred.

In the end, Eric Mays salary of $70,000 gives him an enduring and solid financial base. When you consider the amount of money he earns on a year-round or weekly, monthly or even a on a daily basis, he’s equipped to meet his financial obligations, live an enjoyable lifestyle, and prepare in the near future.

Eric Mays Political career

In 2013 Mays had the opportunity to win his place on his City Council after a close election that the winner was a slim margin of only eight votes over his rival, Anita Brown. The position he held for 4 years. In 2015, he was in a contest with Anita Brown, but, this time, Brown was victorious, with a comfortably sized lead of 500 votes.

In addition to the City Council role, Mays also made the decision to throw his hat into the contest for the mayor’s race in Flint City in 2015. But luck was not in his favor since he was defeated in the election.

In 2021 however, Mays made a comeback to the City Council through a successful election. But his time as the council’s president was not long-lasting after he was quickly dismissed from the post within one month. The conflict with council members as well as the Mayor Sheldon Neeley were a recurring issue throughout his tenure as a council member.

The Eric Mays scandal

Mays has been Flint City Councilman for the past ten years. He held various positions, including chairman of the finance committee and vice president of the council.

However, his behavior in the workplace has been a problem as evident in recent instances. At a public meeting he made the Nazi salute for the council’s chief and made a comparison with Adolf Hitler, displaying inappropriate behavior. The Flint City Council voted to take him off his posts as chair of the finance committee and vice president of the council.

In addition, he was implicated in a physical fight with the Mayor’s Deputy Chief of Staff. This is reported to have happened at the Flint bar. Mays stated his deputy started the fight through shouting obscenities and beating him, which caused him to fall to the floor. The incident was examined by Michigan State Police.

Mays had been found innocent of disorderly behaviour. Due to the lack of enough funds to fund his legal fight and establish his innocence He decided to use crowdfunding to help. Through a GoFundMe fundraising campaign the lawyer was able to raise $13,000 from people across the nation.

Counteractions by Eric Mays

As per Eric Mays, he was not guilty of or regretful about his actions. According to his statements, other members tried to silence him repeatedly. The member further states that this hindered his right to speak freely and the fact that he was the victim of unfair treatment. He also thought about the possibilities of legal actions and suggested he could pursue legal action against his colleagues.

The past was not without controversy. Mays also took action to sue the council. Mays filed a federal lawsuit in 2021 claiming that there were violations of his rights under the Constitution and that his fellow citizens. But, the case was dismissed U.S. District Court Judge Bernard A. Friedman, who ruled that it was unfounded and directed Mays to pay City officials for their legal costs.

Mays is in the process of awaiting sentencing on charges of disruptive behavior that stems from another argument that took place during an event in 2022. An Genesee District Court jury announced that he was in the wrong. To contest the verdict Mays made a court statement in which he claimed that a fellow Council member Allie Herkenroder, provided false evidence during his trial.

Eric Mays Conviction

A conviction was issued for his disorderly behavior, on march 10, 2023 was handed down in the presence of Flint City District Court Judge Vikki Bayeh-Haley. His verdict could cause his to serve prison period of up to 90 days. Additionally, he could be required to pay a fine that could be as high as $500. But there is a limit to Eric May’s net worth is needed to pay the expenses of his legal proceedings.

In his response, Mays spoke about his innocence and expressed his displeasure. It’s important to note that Mays was previously involved in a legal battle and was given 22 days prison punishment 8 years back, due to driving under the influence which Gildneer prosecuted as well.

Prior to that, Mays found himself in an issue on the 25th of April 2022 that, according to him, was the result of the inequity. Based on his view his exclusion from the meeting was not an appropriate decision, and, consequently, he was not happy with the way other members of the council had been treated in similar situations.

The details of the incident became public after the president Allie Herkenroder, who had previously warned him regarding his conduct at the same time she ordered Mays to leave. Mays removed himself from his seat and then tried to return with no permission, which led Herkenroder to request the removal of the man.

Eric Mays later connected with his lawyer Ken Scott, who shared his view. Together, they challenged the truthfulness of the situation. When Mays thought about the sentence handed down to him He stated his belief that the decision majority Council reached was unjust.

According to his declaration the video recordings was a highly contradictory piece of evidence. Even with the negative consequences he endured the video recording was viewed as to be a minor issue given the fact that he believed it was a mistake by the council.

The social media spotlight

A “You got me messed up” guy might not get along with his coworkers however, the younger generation loves his. On one side, Eric Mays’ one-liners at council meetings landed him in a lot of trouble.

However, Gen-Z and Millennials are now ardent supporters who even wear T-shirts that feature Eric’s picture on the front. Eric’s voice has become a viral meme on TikTok and even the other council members are in awe of his popularity on social media.

“America’s Uncle,” as kids refer to him, has an amazing sense of humor and his quips can provide any comedian with a tough challenge. At Council meetings, he usually shouts at other council members and even frightens the audience with his hilarious voice. Yet, each time he has his jokes and the journalists in the room scream quickly.

In addition to sporting Eric Mays’ t-shirts with his funny quotes and humorous looks that are printed, TikTokers have been using Mays’ voice to create parody videos. According to certain reviewers, Mays is an ideal politician who’s never scared to speak his mind.

The reason that young people enjoy him is due to his frightened approach. Even in the presence of a Judge, Mays does not think about his words before speaking.

The Mays fans are united behind his and may even assist in increasing the Eric Mays’s net worth. The money is increasing in size and fans are hoping to see Eric Mays back to be the president of the Council shortly.

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