Jake Runyan Net Worth In 2024! Free Ultimate Guide

Jake Runyan Net Worth

Jake Runyan is an American professional fisherman, who caused a major scandal by cheating at the Lake Erie Walleye Trial Championship along with a friend in 2022.

He was awarded the title but was later found guilty and was fined a huge sum of money.

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jake runyan net worth

Net Value from Jake Runyan

Jake Runyan, an American professional angler hailing from Ohio is said to have a net worth of $800,000.

Jake and his friend were awarded a huge cash prize of $36,000. Cominsky as well as Runyan were on the verge of taking home around $29,000 in prize money from an Ohio fishing contest.

These amazing achievements, on the other, are called in the present because both of them had been part of one of the important fishing disputes of recent times.

Jacob Runyan’s nationality, And ethnicity

Jake Runyan is a professional fisherman from Cleveland, Ohio.

Jacob Runyan’s weight and height

Runyan is 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) high and weighing 307 lbs (139 kg)

Jacob Runyan’s wife, family, and sons

Jacob Runyan has not disclosed his current relationship status or his wife’s name, and no information regarding his spouse

Jacob might be unmarried and living in a single-parent home due to the absence of information regarding the popularity of his relationship with a fisherman.

Runyan on his own, may be married for a number of years, and kept his marriage secret from the general public.

According to Runyan’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, he’s not published anything regarding his spouse or his partner.

There is no further information about the fisherman or his spouse on the web. Jacob has also shied away from speaking about his children when he is in public.

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Jake Runyon of Ohio and Chase Cominsky of Pennsylvania both caught fish that weighed over 33 kilograms, which is roughly twice the weight of two of the closest fish. After becoming suspicious, authorities decided to remove the fish.

Sponsors of Jake and Chase Cominsky

Despite taking home the award and LEWT Team of the Year, Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan were disqualified.

The Tournament’s director Jason Fischer ripped apart the five fish they took part in and discovered 8 pounds of lead as well as walleye bits.

Cominsky and Runyan Cominsky and Runyan “Team Crankin’ Hogs,” caught five fish that totaled over 33 pounds.

This amount of poundage compared with the weight of fish was an alarm for Fischer as well as other competitors who submitted fish of similar dimensions.

This wasn’t the only instance that Cominsky and Runyan were involved in controversy.

At the Walleye Autumn Brawl and the Walleye Slam, two major autumn tournaments held in Lake Erie, Runyan caught the largest fish of 12.770 pounds.

This was in the year 2021.

However, he was banned from participating during the Fall Brawl after allegedly failing an examination for polygraphs.

The final result was that he passed the polygraph test required for Walleye Slam. Walleye Slam and was granted an entire boat with all the amenities valued at over $150,000.

Cominsky received $5,000 for finishing in the tenth position.

Cominsky as well as Runyan have both won numerous tournaments over the last two years, which includes several 2022 LEWT events (in Ashtabula and Lorain) and the 2021 LEWT Championship.

Fischer stated that had they been crowned the winners of at the 2022 LEWT Tournament and been named Team of the Year the team would have received about $29,000 in addition prizes from the sponsorship of a boat.

Fischer declared that He was not aware of a way to compete with the pair’s previous winnings at championships.

He also revealed that LEWT has conducted deceitful as well as vocal test on Runyan and Cominsky after contests.

In addition, as part LEWT’s filmmaking effort this season LEWT hired a cameraman to follow the boat on one of the competitions.

Wins and Cash Prize

2021 Blaster Walleye Fall Brawl

$ 306, 000

2021 Walleye Slam


2022 Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship (in Ashtabula and Lorain)


Runyan joined forces with Chase Cominsky And Won $306,000 in 2021. Lake Erie Walleye Trial Championship

The year 2021 was the Lake Erie Walleye Trial Championship, Jake partnered up with another professional fisherman Chase Cominsky.

They took home the Fall Brawl by a slim margin thanks to the 12.770-pound walleye which Runyan battled to the finish.

As with the other anglers who took part in the walleye derbies both times, Runyan as well as Comiskey’s Fall Brawl winner also topped the Walleye Slam results.

Runyan and Cominsky shared $306,000 in their historic win and that’s the sum of $15,300 for each participant.

The only time Jason Fischer, the tournament’s director took an additional look at their catch that was awarded greater than 17 pounds.

When Fischer took the fish out to inspect it, he found that the two had put in 10 weights. This revealed their fraudulent behavior.

The weights varied from 12 ounces in the case of eight fish to 10 ounces in the other two.

Fischer also found out that people had placed walleye fillets into the fish to boost its weight.

Fish which led to the disqualification of the fish and leading to accusations of fraud.

He was fined $2,500, He also lost his fishing license.

In the plea agreement they pleaded guilty in March of cheating.

Runyan and Cominsky signed a plea deal that included three years of suspension of fishing permits.

After they completed their 10-day prison sentences, Runyan and Cominsky served one year and a half on probation.

Each of them was required to pay $2,500, but they could cut the fine in half with an $1,250 contribution to a fishing charity for children.

They also gave the Cominsky’s Ranger bass vessel, which was valued at $100,000 and was given in Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Runyan has been disqualified before He Was Disqualified, Which Caused Him To Lose the $100,000 Grand Prize

At Lake Erie in 2021, the Walleye Slam and Fall Brawl were simultaneously held, which allowed participants to compete on the same fish at both events.

Runyan and Cominsky achieved exactly what they wanted and both won the events.

While they passed the polygraph test for The Walleye Slam and won a 151,670 boat, one them did not pass, raising doubts.

This omission caused them to miss the chance to be the winner of the $125,000 Ranger boat, which immediately raised questions about their credibility.

Jake And His Business Partner Chase Cominsky

Fishing experts caught weighing their catch at an Midwest event that took place over the weekend.

Jake Runyan and Chase Cominsky took home in the Lake Erie Walleye Trail competition on Friday, in Ohio.

The five walleyes of the winning team weigh 34 pounds, which is 14 pounds higher than the norm.

After Fischer’s announcement, a number of contestants came together and voiced their frustration in less than polite tones.

Apart from the use of obscene language, several fishermen asked that the swindlers be taken into custody.

Runyan appeared to leave but he stayed to observe Fischer prepare to fillet the four remaining walleyes.

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Jake and Chase were caught red-handed

Chase Cominsky of Hermitage and his fishing partner, Jake Runyan, were arrested on Friday after the alleged practice of placing lead weights into the fish they caught during the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship.

Prior to the season’s finale, Cominsky and Runyon topped the team’s season standings.

Jake Chase and Jake Chase are who are at the center of the scandal surrounding cheating.

A contest supervisor weighed the fish after cutting the fish open, disqualifying the team.

After adding the weights of the fish, Cominsky and Runyon topped the leaderboard.

As reported by The Toledo Blade, the event’s organiser Jason Fischer found lead weights in the fish that were caught by Chase Cominsky and Jake Runyan.

After the weights were announced and the weights were revealed, the team was eliminated from the competition, while the trophy was handed over to a couple.

The crowd was in a rage when authorities announced they believed that Cominsky and Runyon had been cheating.

Cominsky and Runyon According to the Blade they were disqualified from the 2021 Lake Erie Walleye Trail event due to one of them refusing tests for polygraphs. Runyon told to the Blade that she had completed the second polygraph test.

It is reported that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) says that the organizers of the event summoned conservation officers on the Friday.

They’re conducting research on behalf of their Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office.

ODNR officials have refused to release the official information in light of ongoing investigations.

Important Takeaways

Jacob Runyan is currently 43 years old. Born in the year 1980 at Cleveland, Ohio.

Runyan has been a winner of a total of nine tournaments in 19 tournaments with his partner Chas Cominsky.

In the 2021 Brawl Tournament, he as well as the fishing companion Chase were exempted from the tournament.

Jake as well as his fishing partner Chase are believed to have put lead weights on the catch they made during the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship in 2022.

In the moment the only sources of revenue are from his fishing contest. Here are a few of his most famous wins, which include cash prizes. He has won a variety of competitions.

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