Jared leisek Net Worth In 2024! Free Guide

Jared Leisek Net Worth

Jared Leisek is a well-known YouTube Star.

Jared Leisek was born in September 16 1975 in the United States.

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He is a creator of content famous for his underwater rescue and search videos uploaded to the Adventures with Purpose YouTube channel.

He has over 2.7 million viewers on the YouTube channel, which is a popular destination for his underwater videos.

Full Name

Jared Leisek


YouTube Star


United States

Religion & Ethnicity

The race and religion of Jared Leisek are not been publically disclosed or could not be information Jared Leisek divulges to the general public.

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Any further updates on the subject’s religion or ethnicity will be made public in the moment they are made public.

jared leisek net worth

Family and Dating Relationship Records

His wife and he have two children. Jared Leisek’s age in 2023 and he is 48 years old. Jared Leisek’s father, mother and siblings name has not been disclosed any information regarding on social media platforms.

Jared Leisek’s Net worth

Jared’s worth has been estimated at in the range of $3 million to $5.5 million in 2023.

He has accumulated wealth via various avenues such as his wildly popular YouTube channel called Adventures with a Purpose.

Additionally, he’s earned revenue from commercials on television and sponsorships as well as serving as an ambassador for brand-name businesses.

It is crucial to remember that the specifics of his earnings are being examined as well as his wealth will be revised in line with the findings.

Career and early life

Born on the 16th of September 1975 within the United States, high income diver and YouTube celebrity. Leisek regularly dives every week, regardless of the weather.

Leisek was certified as a scuba diver at Central Oregon, and he has always been dry suit divers.

If it’s cold people ask him how he stays warm. He says that he layers up in the dry suit as one would for skiing and then “keep diverting.”

“This is where I am from,” he points to the more frigid Pacific Northwest locations.

Jared Leisek Wikipedia details reveal that he commences his dives on the shores of the Deschutes River or a nearby lake, preparing of tanks and regulators to his videos, he includes some humor.

An experience in branding, marketing and content creation has led to Leisek conscious of the most important aspects of storytelling, such as his character, setting plot, conflict and ending.

Jared Leisek has reclaimed a lantern from the 1800s, 368 pairs glasses, 53 mobile phones, laptops and wallets.

Jared Leisek Family

Jared Leisek is a married man living a happy married life. Born in Nevada, Leisek moved to Central Oregon when he was in his teens. It is where he met his wife Kristin.

jared leisek net worth

Jared Leisek Relationship Records

Jared Leisek and his wife have two children. Jared Leisek daughter name is Kierra.

Measurements, Height, Weight and Measurements

Jared Leisek is one of the most well-known YouTube Star born in the United States. We don’t know his exact height, however in the United States where the average height for males is 176.9 centimeters (5 9 inches)) and for women the average is 163.3 millimeters (5 4 in).

We can therefore guess that Jared’s height is likely to be near these averages of 170.1 centimeters (5 7 inches)).

What makes Jared Leisek Famous?

Jared Leisek rose to fame for his role as the founder of the renowned YouTube channel Adventures With Purpose.

Through this channel, he gives families a no-cost service to assist in missing persons cases. Leisek as well as his crew are specialists in underwater search and rescue and have amassed around 2.97 million followers to the site over time.

The passion for diving has led him to establish Adventure with a Purpose in which he reveals the hidden secrets of abandoned and unique areas, solves a mystique and has a positive effect on the entire community.

Leisek’s passion for helping others and his adventurous nature has made him a recognizable persona within the YouTube Sleuthing community.

Jared Leisek Biography

Early Life

Jared Leisek was born on September 16, 1975 at the United States. Unfortunately, information regarding his parents and their early lives isn’t available at this time.


The details of Jared Leisek’s schooling are not available at the moment.

Career & Awards

Jared Leisek’s work career took off when he established Adventures with a Purpose in the year 2018.

At first, the channel was focused on his own personal diving experiences. However, he soon realized his passion for exploring the underwater world and assisting others.

In collaboration with local authorities as well as Search and Rescue teams Leisek as well as his crew have been able to locate missing people and also cleaned the area.

Their efforts have gained their a large audience on social media with more than 2.97 million viewers to YouTube.

While no specific awards have been made mention of, the impact of Leisek’s contributions to the community of adventure and crime are widely acknowledged.

Personal Life

Jared Leisek is happily married to his wife, Kristin Leisek.

Kristin plays a crucial role in the successful operation that is Adventures With Purpose, managing the operations behind the scenes, managing the logistics of expeditions, managing social media and coordination with police agencies.

The couple has an unbreakable bond as the partners on their channel, bound by their passion for diving, adventure as well as helping other people.

Jared Leisek Adventures with a Purpose

The title “Adventures with a Purpose” is a clear indication of Jared Leisek’s purpose. The company isn’t only about exciting adventures in the water; it’s about using his experience to create a positive impact.

One of the best-known accomplishments in the history of Adventures with Purpose is its central role in solving national missing persons cases.

Jared Leisek initiated his YouTube journey on the 12th of September 2006, and it’s been an amazing journey since the beginning.

At the moment, Adventures with Purpose has an impressive 2.83 million subscribers and a staggering 310.011,514 views of their videos on YouTube.

The average monthly income is $4.29K which is a testimony to their ubiquity.

Jared Leisek’s specialty is creating stunning underwater videos of rescue and search missions. His videos have attracted more than 2.7 million people on YouTube.

It’s also important to remember that the trip hasn’t come without its challenges and ups. Some team members, like Bishop and divers Nick Rinn, and lead videographer Josh Cantu, left the team at some point.

But the show continues forward. On the 7th of January, 2023 Adventures with a Purpose declared their intention to continue their adventures with a new team of divers and filmmakers, demonstrating Jared’s steadfast dedication to his cause.

Jared Leisek Hobbies

jared leisek net worth

Beyond his diving adventures and YouTube obsessions, Jared Leisek has a diverse range of hobbies that reflect his varied passions.

They include photography, reading and continuous learning, as well as traveling and, as with the majority people, doing a fair amount of surfing the internet.

His interests show a diverse persona with an unquenchable desire to learn and explore.

Jared Leisek Hearing, Charge, News

Unfortunately, Jared’s story has recently taken a tense direction. On January 5 2023, 2023, Jared Leisek was arrested at Sanpete, Utah, under suspicion of child rape as stated in the jail documents.

The incident is believed to have occurred prior to 1992, when he was a teenager while the girl who was killed in the incident was girl of 10 years old.

According to court records the disturbing incident occurred at the home of a family member in Utah.

Officials from the state of Utah have filed incriminating charges against the 47-year old, making a very difficult chapter of his life.

In addition, Utah is not a state with a time limit for s3xual offenses, such as assaults involving s3xuals, which implies that justice will be pursued in a case that took place more than 30 years in the past.

At present, Jared Leisek is being detained at Jared Leisek’s Sanpete County Jail on a single child rape accusation and his trial is scheduled to start in the month of November 2023.

Conclusion on Jared Leisek’s Bio

Jared Leisek’s story is a tapestry of victories and dedication to his commitment to make an positive impression.

His work in Adventures with Purpose has not only entertained audiences around the world, but also brought closure to families impacted by missing persons cases.


What does Jared Leisek Do For A Living?

Jared Leisek, the founder of the well-known YouTube Search and Rescue volunteer group Adventures with Purpose, was arrested on suspicion of having raped an underage girl over three decades ago in Utah according to court papers obtained by people.

Where Is Jared Leisek Live?

Originating originally from Nevada, Leisek moved to Central Oregon in his teens.

Who is Jared’s Cousin?

Jared Leisek’s cousin, who is also her cousin, had spoken about the way Jared had the girl raped when she was nine.

How Much is Jared Leisek’s Worth?

Jared Leisek’s Net Worth is $3 to 5.5 million

What exactly are charges concerning Jared Leisek?

Leisek is accused of the rape of his cousin at the time the teenager was 17 while his friend was either 9 or 10 years old.

The reason Jared missing from Adventures with Purpose?

“Adventures with a Purpose’s founder Jared Leisek got charged for allegations of rape on an Child.

The reason the channel has stopped being active is that one of the founders of a team that is credited with solving numerous high-profile missing persons cases was in jail.

Jared Leisek had been booked in the Sanpete County jail in Utah for the charge of rape on a child for a single time.

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