Jeremy Jr Robinson Net Worth In 2024! Free Guide

Jeremy jr robinson net worth

Jeremy Jr Robinson is an American criminal defense lawyer and personal injury lawyer. He is most well-known for his role as a character on the Peacock dating show Queen Court.

Jeremy Jr Robinson is a criminal defense lawyer in his home country of the United States. He is the founder of JR Law Group and CEO of Rags 2 Richest Logistics. Robinson was engaged to famous singer Tamar Braxton, in the Queen’s Court finale episode, which aired on March 16, on Peacock

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Jeremy Jr Robinson was born in the United States. His exact age and date of birth aren’t known at the moment. Jeremy is the son of a single mother who was battling addiction to drugs. 

In his first meeting with his current fiancee Tamar Braxton, the fiance shared that his mom died of cancer. Concerning his education, it’s well-known that he earned his GED at the juvenile prison.

jeremy jr robinson net worth

Jeremy Jr Robinson’s Net Worth in 2024 and Law Firm

Originating from New Orleans, Jeremy Robinson has made himself an established legal professional in Atlanta. He is known for his work in the establishment of The JR Law Group, which is a firm that concentrates on defense of criminals and injuries to the personal.

As an attorney Jeremy Robinson has earned an estimated net worth of one million. It should be not forgotten that he’s been an attorney for a short period and his firm was not even established until October of 2020.

Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson Early Life

Jeremy Robinson has not given any details about his childhood life. This is because the specifics of his birth date and his family members are not known. There is a report that Robinson was raised by a family with no any father.

Robinson acknowledged that he had never was around his father when the time he was a kid. However, Robinson does not have any ill feelings towards his father. Robinson stated, ” Although I am not a perfect man, you created a great Father who loves and cherishes his children dearly.

A report from Gossip Next Door hints that the mother of Jeremy is no longer living and that his father didn’t take part in the service. Furthermore, Jeremy seems to be the only parent of his parents, since there’s no information regarding his siblings.

jeremy jr robinson net worth

Tamar Braxton and Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson Are Engaged

In Peacock’s new show Queens Court, Tamar Braxton and her boyfriend-turned-fiance, Jeremy ‘JR’ Robinson, got engaged. JR Robinson was one of the show’s finalists.

Jeremy asked for a proposal to Tamar his four time Grammy nominee was thrilled to accept the proposal. He shared his thoughts and asked Tamar to marry him. 

When he was asked to marry him, Tamar was in tears. The couple is now planning their wedding, and we could soon get positive news.

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Robinson Co-founder of The JR Law Group

There are several other partners, who are not named, who helped Robinson to establish The JR Law Group in Atlanta. When it comes to legal practices this is new and only started only 2.5 years in the past. They are still well-known for their work in criminal defense as well as the law of personal injuries.

Jasmine Jones is the office manager and senior paralegal for an unassuming law firm. While they don’t have the same amount of cases as larger companies but they’ve had success in getting their clients to pay their bills so far.

While accidents involving cars and claims for underinsured motorists comprise the majority of their business They also aid in minor injuries and collisions.

jeremy jr robinson net worth

Jeremy’s Other Business Ventures

Attorney practice is only one of the many Jeremy Robinson’s business ventures. Rag 2 Riches Logistics is an organization he co-founded together with Joshua Smith, who acts as the company’s sole partner and coordinator and is chief executive officer.

In the spring of 2021, the business was formed, and ever since the beginning, they’ve focused on improving the world’s packaging transport techniques.

To keep with their motto, “Turning small money into a million-dollar transportation business,” they also offer the necessary training in logistics to attract more Delivery Service Partners.

While the company does have its own Instagram page as well as an Facebook page however, it hasn’t provided any recent updates or other information.

jeremy jr robinson net worth

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Does Jeremy Robinson Have?

In 2023 Jeremy Robinson is predicted to have an estimated net worth of $1 million.

What is the JR Law Group?

Criminal defense and personal injury are the main areas of interest. With the help of a few unidentified associates, Jeremy Robinson started the firm in Atlanta.

What Types of Cases Does the JR Law Group Handle?

JR Law Group JR Law Group specializes in instances involving car crashes as well as uninsured motorist coverage. minor injuries, and collisions. The majority of their clients have had compensation claims accepted.

What Are Rag 2 Riches Logistics?

Jeremy Robinson and Joshua Smith Joshua Smith and Jeremy Robinson founded Rag 2 Riches Logistics, an organization that is focused on distribution of parcels. Delivery Service Partners can also benefit from their logistics-related training.

What is Jeremy Robinson’s Background?

His New Orleans upbringing was shaped by his mother’s struggle with addiction to heroin. When he was 22, he joined the Marine Corps and stayed there for six years. After earning his bachelor’s diploma in the field of law from Auburn University, he continued his studies by enrolled in law school and finishing an internship with an personal injury Firm. After completing that the experience, he decided to create Jr. Law Group. Jr. Law Group to fight to ensure equal rights for young males.

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