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Jody Glidden net worth

Jody Glidden is most well-known as the chief executive and founder of Introhive. It has also been named in Deloitte’s list of the 50 fastest-growing companies for the past four years.

The business initially focused on helping businesses “clean their data”, but now has moved to AI-powered solutions for business. Glidden is also engaged to reality TV actress Lisa Hochstein, of Real Housewives of Miami while she goes through an uneasy divorce.

He has extensive experiences as a leader in business with the experience of establishing and developing three successful companies and agencies: Chalk Media, and Global.

Glidden’s recent relationship with Lisa Hochstein, a star from The Real Housewives of Miami is attracting the attention of the media.

The introduction of Jody Glidden

Jody Glidden known as the CEO and founder of Introhive the company that has been named on Deloitte’s list as one of the top 50 companies that are growing fastest for the last four years.

While the initial focus of the company was on helping businesses organize their data, the company has since expanded its services by incorporating AI-based solutions to businesses.

jody glidden net worth

Jody Glidden: Early Life, Education and Personal Life

Jody Glidden, Early Life

Jody Glidden is a technology entrepreneurs, and an American citizen. Glidden was born in Canada in September 1973. Presently, Jody Glidden lives in Miami, Florida, although there isn’t a lot of information regarding his childhood and parents.

Jody Glidden Education

Jody Glidden was a student at the University of New Brunswick, where he enrolled in an academic program in computer science following finishing high school.

But, after two years, he chose to stop his studies in order to focus on his business ventures.

In the year 2003, he returned to his studies and finished the course in 2005. In addition, he obtained an MBA on IT Management from Harvard University.

Jody Glidden Net Worth & Career

Jody Glidden, an American tech businessman who hails from Canada who has an estimated net worth of 10 Million. Jody Glidden began his career as a teacher in the department of software at an institution of technology.

At that point it became apparent that he could apply his knowledge of programming and create software that could aid improve the lives of people. He even developed software at school that was able to guide students through their education.

Then he realized that the possibility of using his love of teaching as well as technology and business through the SaaS tech industry.

In March of 1996 He was an engineering and product leader for He was responsible for the development of technical teams, and was in charge of every aspect of technology.

Additionally working closely with stakeholders to assist in the development of their strategy. As of September 28, 1998, was purchased by CBT systems.

He continued to work at CBT systems as an engineering and product director for 11 months up to July 1999. In the following months, he started icGlobal and served as the company’s CEO.

The company was able to generate two million dollars in sales during the initial year. Then, in April of 2001, the company started as a senior director at Smartforce. As a part of his role at the firm, he helped in the integration of the acquired company to SmartForce.

Glidden was appointed chief operating officer and the Chief Technology Officer at Chalk Media in May 2005. The company designed an innovative mobile application that can monitor the most complex multimedia and dates on mobile devices in a safe manner.

He was fired from Chalk Media in September 2010 and was responsible for his Content Products at Research in Motion. At this company, he assisted in to develop the portfolio of company’s content products that were strategic in nature, working in conjunction with Blackberry’s SVP in addition to the Blackberry CEO.

In December of 2011 He co-founded the company that developed software, Introhive along with Stewart Walchli. Since its founding the company has raised over $135 million in capital and earned tens of million in revenues.

Jody and Stewart were the first to come up with the idea of launching Introhive after realizing the challenge that most companies face in keeping their CRM system up-to the latest.

Glidden as an engineer in software, realized that he could solve problems with data in just six months. But, it took nearly four years to resolve this problem. While working on the project the two co-founders were struggling with customer churn because their data was not reliable enough.

After experimenting with a variety of inbound marketing strategies, they opted for more outbound marketing and chose a specific specialization to concentrate on. Through this they were on the right track.

In one interview, Jody and Stewart talked about their journey in which they started from nothing to the company which is currently in the process of reaching $100 million in the next two to three years.

Jody Glidden Bio-Data

Real Name/Full Name

Jody Glidden

Nick Name




Jody Glidden Date Of Birth

September 1973

Jody Glidden Age

Aged 49

Birth Place









Lisa Hochstein

Marital Status



Entrepreneurial tech

Jody Glidden Net Worth

$10 Million


In the early part of 2001, Jody was appointed the Senior Director of Smartforce. Jody played an important part in the transfer of the acquired company into SmartForce.

Then, in the month of May 2005, he took over as Chalk Media’s chief technology Officer and the Chief Operating Officer. He remained with Chalk Media for the next five years, and was instrumental in the development of outstanding mobile applications.

After the departure of Chalk Media he began working at Motion in September of 2010. He teamed up together with Blackberry the CEO as well as SVP to create an array of the company’s strategic content products that are corresponding.

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Additional Success

The year ended with a bang, Jody collaborated with Stewart Walchli to create his own software company, known as Introhive. The company became a huge success after raising more than 135 million dollars in capital and a staggering amount of compensation.

The two partners came up with the concept of forming Introhive after recognizing the difficulties that many companies face when managing an up-to-date CRM system. Jody quickly realized that he could fix the issue in just six months, however it took him more than four years to solve the issue completely.

Jody Glidden’s Girlfriend and Personal Life

Jody Glidden is said to be being spotted with The Real Housewives of Miami star, Lisa Hochstein. The couple was recently seen enjoying a night out in Catch Steak on Monday night 12 December in New York City. A friend of the couple shared that there was plenty of chattering around the table.

After two days, on the 14th of December The pair was seen having a second dinner date on the streets of New York City. But, Lisa confirmed to a newspaper that she’s single and eager to meet up with her romantic reports with a software executive.

Jody Glidden Net Worth Timeline & Year

Jody Glidden’s net worth (estimated)


$ 4 Million


$5.5 millions


$8 Million


$10 Million

Jody Glidden is a millionaire with an approximate net worth of 10 million dollars in 2023. He has earned a staggering sum from his profitable software business, Introhive.

The company has been reported to grow its revenues by more than 25 percent per quarter. In reality the company has reached the seven-figure amount each year from tens of thousands of customers.

How Jody Glidden earn his money?

Most importantly, the wealth of Glidden was a result of his long-running career in technology as well as his entrepreneurial endeavors. Glidden is the chief executive and founder of Introhive.

The company was founded in 2012. Started Introhive in order to offer a better solution to companies that wanted to manage their data. According to the company’s LinkedIn page, Introhive is one of the top 10 fastest-growing technology companies in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards.

Introhive is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) business earning tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue, according to a recent podcast interview with Glidden. The company is said to have received $135 million in funding and is expected to earn $100 million in ARR in the next two to three years.

What did Jody Glidden do prior to starting Introhive?

Glidden initially taught at a tech college in the department of software. He started to explore developing software and programming technology. The year 1996 was the first time he began working for as an engineer and product manager. The company was purchased from CBT Systems a few years after.

After having left CBT Systems, Glidden founded another company, icGlobal, and served as the company’s chief executive. Later, he became director of SmartForce. In the year 2005, he became a part of Chalk Media as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Between 2011 and 2012, he began to conceptualize Introhive.

What kind of success has Introhive had thus far?

According to several reports, the company is positioned to hit the $100 million mark in its ARR in just a few years. In 2014 the company was named in the Globe and Mail Top Five Atlantic Canadian Companies to Watch.

  • 2019 #9 of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 List
  • 2020: certifying as as a Great Workplace; Deloitte Fast 50 and Fast 500; MarTech Breakthrough Award for CRM Software Innovation
  • 2021: named among the Best Workplaces for Women 2021: named to The Best Workplaces for Startup and the Best Workplaces for Young People in Great Place to Work Canada

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