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John Rumpel Net Worth

John Rumpel net worth is revealed here. With incredible amount of money and a significant role in the political scene John Rumpel’s influence reaches far beyond business.

Who is John Rumpel?

John Rumpel, a Florida businessman who is a prominent donor of MAGA, a prominent donor to MAGA movement, has tragically revealed his ownership of the defunct Cessna passenger plane which crashed into the bleak Virginia Woods on June 4 2023.

In a heart-breaking conversation in The Washington Post, he disclosed that all his family members were aboard the plane in when it was involved in the tragic incident. The plane, which was departing from Tennessee on the crucial Sunday, carried his loved daughter and his precious grandchild of two years and a nanny for the child.

According to a renowned source, the first responders who rushed to arrive at the site of the crash tirelessly searched for the wreckage but then halted their efforts at the end of Sunday night, after failing to discover any evidence of life in the debris. The harrowing silence that hung over the site of the crash revealed the enormity of what transpired.

john rumpel net worth

Introduction of John Rumpel | John Rumpel Bio

John Rumpel is an American Entrepreneur and an philanthropist. He has had a major impact both in the political arenas of business and politics. His achievements include successful companies which include the majority ownership of Encore Motors of Melbourne Inc.

Rumpel is renowned for his business skills. Rumpel is known for his support of conservative politicians like former President Donald Trump through substantial MAGA contributions.

John Rumpel’s Early Life

John Rumpel was born on 13 August 1947 at Florida, United States. The name of his father isn’t well-known. The name of his mother is Joya Paterson. His mother passed away in 2011.

John Rumpel Education

John Rumpel graduated from high school and New York University.

John Rumpel’s Personal Life

John Rumpel is wedded and his wife is Barbara Rumpel. Barbara Rumpel leads the NRA and is a contributor to the cause of conservatism. The couple got married in November 1977 and the union lasts for more than 45 years.

Barbara comes in Illinois. She has graduated from New Trier High School. John Rumpel and his daughter supervise Victoria Landings. Their daughter’s death Victoria caused a deep impact on their entire family. It was a deeply painful and sad incident.

In addition, the couple suffered the loss of the second child, Adina Azarian in an accident on the ground. In spite of hardships their unwavering devotion to each other shows the strength and endurance of their bond.

John Rumpel Net Worth

John Rumpel estimated net worth is $100 million. Because he owns multiple businesses and has a steady source of income since you can see he is living an excellent lifestyle.

Here’s the complete bio of John Rumpel’s age real name family, father, mother, siblings, birthday, children college, school, education home, profession and salary, as well as nationality. pilot business and death, accidents, Florida, plane height and weight, eye color, ethnicity as well as hobbies, birthplace the zodiac sign, birth date, of birth, faith as well as net wealth.

John Rumpel Information Table


John Rumpel





Height (approx.)

5ft 8inch

Weight (approx.)

70 kg

Eye Colour


Hair Colour


Date of Birth

13 August 1947


75 years old

Birth Place

New York, USA

Zodiac sign/Sun sign




Educational Qualification






Marital Status



Father: Not Known

Mother: Joya Paterson


Brother: Not Known

Sister: Not Known


Barbara Rumpel


Adina Azarian & Victoria

Net Worth

$100 Million

John Rumpel’s Wife and Daughter

John Rumpel’s union with Barbara Rumpel has been a crucial part in his personal life. Together, they’ve formed an enduring, solid partnership based on common values and mutual respect.

Their union has not only flourished in their marriage but also has extended into their political and charitable endeavors.

As committed supporters and activists of the conservative movement, they have walked together in backing of candidates for political office and causes that are in line with their values.

Through their relationship, John and Barbara have experienced both joy and sorrow and loss, with the loss their daughter Victoria as a moment of grief and loss for the family.

Their second child also passed away Adina Azarian in the crash of a plane. Despite the challenges they faced their devotion to each other has been constant, which is an example of the strength and durability of their relationship.

What Happened to John Rumpel’s Family?

Authorities have confirmed it was they confirmed the Cessna airplane was registered at Encore Motors. The company, which is based within Melbourne, Florida, is controlled by John Rumpel and his wife, Barbara Rumpel.

Tragically the survivors were not among the wreckage. It left a huge hole that is hard to define. The Pentagon pursued uncontrolled aircrafts that were in violation of airspace restrictions. They sounded a loud bang at Washington, D.C., after they broke into the noise barrier.

North American Aerospace Defense Command confirms that the chase was completed around 3:20 p.m. at the time of Sunday, when the aircrafts repelled the fleeing aircraft. NORAD aircraft were authorised to go over sound speeds that could cause an explosion that could have terrified residents.

The pilot of the jet confirmed that the pilot of the Cessna wasn’t conscious during the flight. The plane crashed in Virginia close to the George Washington National Forest, just after 3:30 pm on a Sunday.

John Rumpel Wife:

John Rumpel Wife is Barbara Rumpel. Barbara Rumpel, a Melbourne-based Florida businesswoman, has earned herself notoriety in the infamous gun rights movement.

Rumpel has been a vocal advocate for women’s rights through NRA’s Women’s Leadership Council since it was created in January 2002.

She was also a part in the executive board of NRA Women’s Leadership Forum from 2012 to. Rumpel’s LinkedIn profile shows that she is head of Victoria Landing, a Melbourne-based community.

John Rumpel Education & Career:

John Rumpel runs Victoria Landings together with his daughters. He is the owner of Encore Motors, a car dealership located in Melbourne and Delorenzo Group. He was employed for a time in Florida Real Estate and held his property as a trust.

He was a major donor to the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign. Barbara has been a NRA Women’s Leadership Forum member that supported the campaign of former president Obama. Barbara started”the” Second Amendment Coalition for Trump-Pence.

John Rumpel & Cessna Aircraft Crash:

John’s entire family was on the plane with his granddaughter, a two-year-old and her babysitter. The plane departed Tennessee on the morning of a Sunday. It crashed into Virginia Woods on June 4 2023.

The chase resulted in a loud bang throughout Washington DC as Pentagon Jets utilized their supersonic speed to catch up with the uncontrollable plane within this restricted area.

The pilot on the Cessna plane was unconscious during the pursuit. The plane crashed just after the crash in Washington National Forest in Virginia at around 3:30 pm on Sunday.

John Rumpel Daughter:

Victoria Rumpel, the daughter of John Rumpel and Barbara Rumpel who died in 1994, was the victim of an accident in the water. John Rumpel and his spouse bought Victoria Landing in Melbourne, Florida when she passed away and transformed the property into a nursing home in her honour.

John remembers her memory naming his house Victoria Landing. After John’s sister Victoria Rumpel died, he also lost his daughter. John Rumpel and Barbara Rumpel are well-known in Brevard County business and social circles of Florida.

Some Lesser Known Facts About John Rumpel

  • The birth date was August 13, 1947, in New York, USA as John is now 75 years old. His parents are listed as his mother’s surname was Joya Paterson.
  • John Rumpel is the owner of Victoria Landings which he runs along with his daughters that was named after his daughter. He is also the owner of Encore Motors of Melbourne, Dolorenzo Group.
  • He also owned the real estate industry in Florida and also put his real estate into trust. He was also a an important political donor, who contributed to Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.
  • In 2020, John as well as his spouse Barbara contributed a total of $250,000 to the Trump campaign. His wife is a member of NRA Women’s Leadership Forum in Florida that backed the former president’s presidential bid and Barbara has launched a gun rights campaign dubbed the Second Amendment Coalition for Trump-Pence.

FAQ’s Related to John Rumpel

1.) In which campaign for the election John made a donation of money

For 2020 John as well as his partner Barbara contributed a total of $250,000 to the Trump campaign.

2.) What was the fate of John family members and Cessna aircraft

John’s family members John was aboard the plane. It is his daughter, a two year old grandchild and her nanny. The plane flew out of Tennessee on Sunday. The plane wrecked into Virginia Woods on June 4 2023.

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