Kyle Forgeard Net Worth In 2024! Free guide

Kyle forgeard net worth

In 2023 Kyle Forgeard’s net worth is believed to be approximately $1.5 million. This remarkable amount is proof of his skills not just as a creator of content, but also as a businessman that diversifies his sources of income. 

In this article, we’ll look through his professional and personal history to discover how he was able to achieve his success.

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Kyle Forgeard is a Canadian internet sensation, YouTuber and a part of the renowned YouTube channel “Nelk.” Known for his hilarious videos and daring pranks Forgeard has earned a large fan base and has achieved fame in the world of online entertainment. 

Born on the 12th of July 1994 at Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and began his path to fame via social media.

Forgeard gained notoriety due to his participation in his Nelk YouTube channel, which was co-founded by him and his buddies Jesse Sebastiani and Lucas Gasparini. 

The channel initially garnered attention for its pranks, frequently featuring outrageous and bizarre acts. The content of Nelk quickly gained millions of views, and attracted an avid fan base.

kyle forgeard net worth

Who is Kyle Forgeard?

Kyle Forgeard, born on July 12 1994 was an actor and Canadian YouTuber as well as actor, who left a lasting impression on the entertainment scene. 

Forgeard is one of the creators of the hugely famous YouTube channel “NELK,” Forgeard has been a key contributor to the channel’s success, accumulating more than 7 million users. 

The channel’s entertaining content, featuring videos and pranks that showcase the fun and lively lifestyle of the group that has brought it to internet stardom.

Forgeard together and fellow Instagram guru Jesse Sebastiani, manages the NELK channel, showing their ability to create content that is viewed by an extensive audience. 

Outside of YouTube, Forgeard has showcased his acting talents in films such as “Kings of the Internet” (2022), “Nelk Boys” (2019) as well as “Salim the Dream” (2019) and has expanded his reach beyond the world of online production of content.

One of Forgeard’s significant achievements in popular culture has been his recognition of the phrase “Full Send,” a term that he defines as giving the maximum effort in every activity. 

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The trademark is a reflection of his dedication to integrity and quality and values that are a part of his professional and personal life.

As of May 2023 Kyle Forgeard has an estimated total net worth that is $1.5 million, which is a testament to the financial prosperity for the NELK Boys. 

The channel has been reported to bring in more than $70 million annually from the combination of donations, subscriptions in addition to merchandise sales confirming Forgeard’s status as a major actor in the lucrative field of digital content production. 

His rise from YouTuber to actor and entrepreneur demonstrates the range and energy that define Forgeard’s thriving career in the world of entertainment.

kyle forgeard net worth

How old is Kyle Forgeard?

Kyle Forgeard was born on July 12, 1994. as per the age of his birth is 29, in the present. Despite his age, Forgeard remains a dynamic and powerful player in the online entertainment scene. 

His growth from a young and aspiring content creator to a well-known persona reflects not just his personal development but also the growth of the media online platforms. By 2023, viewers will look forward to exciting material coming from Forgeard as he explores new ways in the ever-changing world of entertainment on the internet.

What is the height of Kyle Forgeard?

Kyle Forgeard stands at a height of 178 centimeters (5 10-inches) tall) and has the weight of 74 kilograms (163 pounds). His physical features, coupled with his charismatic personality make him a dazzling screen presence. 

Forgeard’s passion for fitness and health is apparent and is in line with the demands of working in the spotlight. These aspects are added aspects to his diverse identity, enhancing his reputation as a multi-faceted and engaging creator of content.

kyle forgeard net worth

How Kyle Forgeard became rich through the YouTube channel Nelk

Kyle Forgeard’s journey to financial success is unique. After stepping into the business world as a YouTuber and a video producer, he founded the entertainment company NELK along with his co-founders in the year 2010. 

Their moment of breakthrough came in 2015 when a Coca-Cola prank they played on police officers became a viral hit. The clip, which featured police officers laughing at the prank, pushed Kyle into the limelight.

At the age of 28, Kyle boasts an impressive net worth of around $25 million. Even though he has been removed from monetization by his YouTube channel NELK is still thriving with more than seven million users who regularly tune in for challenges, pranks, and comedy.

Profiting from his YouTube popularity, Kyle hosts the Full Send Podcast. The guests that range from renowned athletes such as Mike Tyson and OJ Simpson to business gurus such as Elon Musk, Billy McFarlane and even former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Where Kyle Forgeard invests

With the thriving empire and more than $70 million in combined annual revenue Kyle Forgeard and the NELK Boys certainly weren’t going to rest on their high atop their. 

Instead of wasting their time Earnings for overpriced breakfast meals and luxury cars on a variety of luxury vehicles, they splurged assets Such as NFTs, real estate and their brand of hard seltzer.

Their venture in the field of commerce Full Send earned an astounding $50 million just in 2020-The Full Send team has racked up $50 million in 2020 alone. an impressive feat for a group of pranksters that became business moguls. 

They NELK Boys also ventured into the cryptocurrency market at that time as well, putting millions of dollars into investment into Bitcoin as well as other digital assets .

Their strategy has yielded handsome results as group earnings could end up exceeding the $100 million limit. Kyle Forgeard and his team are in the same league as the top players and, thanks to their sharp investing skills, they’re poised to join them for a long time to come.


To better understand Kyle Forgeard’s worth it’s important to study him and his fellow Nelk Boys’ extraordinary success in the creation and management of new companies. 

The bulk of his wealth was earned after launching The lifestyle label Full Send in the year 2020. The brand is set to bring in 70 million dollars in revenue in the next year.

The Full Send products are available as limited-releases which makes the items scarce and hard to get. The exclusivity of the brand boosts its reputation and a majority of the products sell out within a couple of days of their debut.

Forgeard did not stop with clothes, however, and launched another business in the form of the Happy Dad Hard Seltzer, a stylish alcoholic drink which is popular with younger males. 

Happy Dad earns a substantial amount of money and claims to have a customer base of 50 million.

Through these ventures , Forgeard has created a flourishing business community surrounding the YouTube persona.

Happy Dad

In the event that Kyle Forgeard owns a conceivable 10% stake within Happy Dad, a company estimated at $250 million, the equity of his would be equal to $25,000,000 . As for his Earnings The unofficial annual revenue reports for the company put the number at $70,000,000.

It’s also important to keep in mind that even if the numbers are true, Kyle likely isn’t pocketing any money since the business will likely keep the funds to invest in business.

These are speculations and could be significantly different dependent on the exact percentage of Kyle’s share in the company as well as other financial aspects within the company. 

If you take them as a whole it’s highly likely that Kyle Forgeard’s sitting on an unrealized figure of $25 million. Although that’s an impressive amount, it doesn’t make up his liquid net worth.

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