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Michaella McCollum net worth

Michaella Mccollum is an Irish media personality, model and businesswoman. She became famous in 2013 after being taken into custody in Peru for trying to smuggle cocaine out the country.

Since the time, Mccollum has turned her life around and been an accomplished businesswoman and media figure. In this article, we’ll look into her biography as well as her age and height, her income and wealth.

Michaella Mccollum Bio

Michaella Mccollum was born in 1992 in Dungannon, Northern Ireland. She went to schools in Northern Ireland and then went to in the University of Ulster in Belfast.

After graduation, she relocated in Ibiza, Spain, to perform the role of a model as well as promotional staff. It was at this point when she received a call from a cartel in order to transport cocaine from Peru in Spain.

She was detained in Peru in connection with a plan to traffic cocaine. She was then sent to prison. She was sentenced to three years in jail before being released in the year 2016.

Since she was released, Mccollum has become involved in the world of media and has since turned into an entrepreneur with a lot of success.

Mccollum has been on a variety of television shows as well as owns her own business ventures that include a clothing brand.

michaella mccollum net worth

Michaella Mccollum’s Net Worth

Mccollum’s net worth has been estimated to be close to $2 million. Mccollum has earned her wealth through modeling and a reality TV and also through the business she has started. Additionally, she has earned money from book endorsements and deals.

Michaella Mccollum’s Lifestyle

Mccollum is well-known for her extravagant lifestyle. Mccollum is frequently seen wearing high-end clothes and going to exotic destinations. She is also seen at top-end events and restaurants. She is also a frequent fan of the social network and frequently shares photos of her lavish life.

Michaella Mccollum is a well-known Irish model, reality show host and businesswoman. She’s 30 years old and is believed to have a net worth of around $2 million. She is well-known for her extravagant lifestyle, and often traveled to exotic destinations with designer clothing and attending extravagant events.

Michaella Mccollum Age & Height

Michaella Mccollum is currently 30 years old. She stands 5 7 inches tall. (170 m).

Quick Info


Michaella McCollum

Net Worth

$2 million

Source of Income

Book sales, clothing brand and beauty line, Social Media

Date of Birth

20, Aug, 1993


30 Years



Profession / Occupation

Author, Influencer



Michaella McCollum’s Early Life and Education

Michaella McCollum was born in 1993 in DungannonNorthern Ireland. Her stepfather and mother brought her up. Her younger siblings include two other children.

McCollum was a student at the school of Dungannon, St. Patrick’s School. She scored high on her exams and was a top student. After graduating from high school, she planned to take up a nursing career.

In order to work as waitress McCollum traveled to Ibiza, Spain, in 2013 to work as a waitress. She met Melissa Reid who was a woman while she was in Ibiza. After their meeting and friendship, the two women decided to travel for a trip to Peru together.

McCollum as well as Reid were arrested at Lima, Peru, for trying to move twelve kilograms of cocaine out of the country. Even though they both received six years in prison but were released after having served just the two years.

McCollum is working to reclaim her career and life ever since she was released of prison. Alongside the launch of a clothing line as well as a cosmetics brand McCollum has also written the book about her experience and appeared on a variety of television shows, and much more.

Michaella McCollum Sources Of Income

Book Deal:

Michaella McCollum released a book about her experiences in the year 2016, titled “My Name is Michaella: The True Story of the Girl Who Cocained Her Way to Freedom.” The book became popular in Ireland as well as the UK. McCollum probably earned a substantial amount of money through the deal. The book contract of Michaella McCollum was believed that it’s valued at around $500,000.

Media Appearances:

Michaella McCollum has appeared on various TV shows, such as ” Good Morning Britain” as well as ” The Jeremy Kyle Show.” McCollum may be compensated for her appearances. It is believed that she was paid the sum of $10,000 for each appearance.

Line of clothing with Beauty and Fashion brand

Michaella McCollum has launched a fashion line as well as a beauty brand. McCollum is likely to earn an income from sales made by the businesses.

Social Media:

Michaella McCollum has over 92,000 followers on Instagram. She has over 92,000 followers on. It is likely that she will earn money through sponsorships and advertisements through her social media platforms.

It is important to keep in mind that these are not the principal source of her net worth. There are other income sources that McCollum hasn’t disclosed.

Michaella McCollum Husband

Michaella McCollum is not wed. Raphael and Rio, her twin boys were born in the year the year 2018. The father of her children isn’t known to the public.

In an interview on Instagram broadcast in 2022, McCollum stated that she was not married and that her father of her children doesn’t visit them often. McCollum hasn’t shared details about her father.

McCollum’s choice to hide her father’s identity from her children. McCollum may not be keen on making the father known, or she may prefer to keep her children their private lives secret. She might also prefer not to reveal his identity since she’s not married.

Whatever the reason, it’s obvious it is evident that Michaella McCollum is a caring mother of two young boys. She is a completely independent mother and is determined to provide them with the best life they can possibly have.

Books Of Michaella McCollum

Michaella McCollum has written one book,

My Name is Michaella: The True Story of the Girl Who Cocained Her Way to Freedom (2016)

The book is an autobiography about her experiences of being caught trying to bring cocaine from Peru. It became a hit in Ireland as well as the UK.

In the year 2022, McCollum released a new version of her book called High: The Confessions Of An Ibiza drug Mule. The new edition features a brand-new chapter that details her life following she was released from the prison.

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Michaella Mccollum Career

Michaella McCollum has prior experience as a hair stylist in the beauty salon. She is now living a fulfilled and satisfying existence as a single parent in her late twenties taking care of her twins, who are set to turn four.

After the time she was released from jail she has transformed her life. She even wrote the book “You’ll Never See Daylight Again.”

Michaella Mccollum Story In Prison

In August of 2013, Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid were detained at Lima airport carrying 11kg of cocaine as they tried to board a plane to Madrid, Spain.

They claimed that they were coerced by a violent gang. After serving a sentence that was shortened, McCollum returned to Northern Ireland she published a book and did interviews on her imprisonment.

The two were held in the notorious Lima jail, they endured severe conditions. At first, they denied the charges, they later admitted guilt and received six years and eighteen months in prison.

After her release, McCollum faced controversies, such as appearances on reality TV as well as social media posts, which led to accusations of her promoting drugs and making a profit from her fame.

Her story is an example of the negative consequences of making poor decisions in the smuggling of drugs. Even though she has a private life, her tale continues to inspire debate and enthral.

Where Did They Get the Drugs?

As waitress at Ibiza, Michaella was approached by a dealer in drugs called Davey whom she was offered a transport job.

After approving Davey’s suggestion she was introduced to the Colombian man whose name was Mateo who arranged for her to go to Peru to complete the job.

Michaella and Melissa were able to meet in Majorca and later travelled with each other through Lima, Peru, where they purchased their drugs that they charged with transporting.


Michaella McCollum’s wealth stands at $2 million. Her previous sources of income were her book deals, appearances on the media fashion lines, beauty brands and social media. She’ll likely continue to earn income from these sources over the next years.

McCollum is a controversial person however, she is an adversity survivor. McCollum has spoken out about her experiences and utilized her platform to create awareness about drug trafficking. She has been an inspiration to many who have gone confronted with difficult situations.


What is the Michaella McCollum’s worth?

Michaella McCollum’s worth stands at $2 million. Her main source of earnings are book deals, appearances on the media fashion lines, cosmetics brands, clothing lines as well as social media.

What was the amount Michaella McCollum get paid for Netflix?

In the words of IrishCentral, McCollum did not receive any compensation for her work in “Peru Two,” a Netflix documentary. The documentary recounts the story of Melissa Reid and her drug smuggling.

What price was Michaella McCollum’s price to get cocaine into the country?

McCollum has stated she was offered a sum of PS5,000 to help smuggle cocaine from Peru. McCollum has stated that she didn’t know what was inside the bags she carried.

What’s the future in the net worth of michaela McCollum?

It’s hard to know what the future will bring for the net worth of Michaella McCollum. Her earnings will depend on how profitable her clothing line, book and brand of beauty products are. It is also possible that she will earn income from media appearances as well as social media.

What’s the issue concerning Michaella McCollum?

There’s been some debate regarding McCollum’s account. People have claimed that she has lied about her experiences, and some have questioned the motives behind her publishing a book about the experience. But McCollum denies these claims and says she’s sharing her story to increase awareness about the dangers of drug trafficking.

How is Michaella McCollum doing now?

McCollum lives at home in Northern Ireland. She is currently working on her second novel and is working on a television series which will tell her story. In addition, she is a motivational and inspirational speaker and has shared her experiences in schools and other occasions.

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