Too Turnt Tony Net Worth In 2024! Free Guide

Too turnt tony net worth

Former model and present social media phenomenon, Tooturnttony is a TikTok celebrity who is identified as the “duck guy” because of the content he shares using his ducks.

Anthony who is also called Tooturnttony is a popular American Instagram influencer and model and content creator who is best known for lip-syncing skits and comedy videos that often feature his family and ducks.

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 His videos have garnered the channel more than 17 million followers across the site. In the early 2021s He launched a YouTube channel dubbed TooTurntTony in which his first video garnered over 50,000 views in the initial days. 

He is known for his shrewd disregard of the norms of society as well as his open proclamation of excess.

too turnt tony net worth

Too turnt tony net worth

He’s famous for uploading humorous video clips and lip-syncing skits as well as being incredibly attractive and fit. His networth is currently estimated at more than $1 million.


Anthony was extremely enthusiastic about creating films and videos since when he was just 4 years old. After the high school system, Anthony began training for bodybuilding. He was then spotted to model. He also enrolled in University to pursue an education in filmmaking and videos.

He modelled for a while, but eventually quit when he got an excellent job with the film production industry. He was always making videos with his pals during his college years and his buddies encouraged him to create videos using the defunct application Vine. The work he was employed to do didn’t permit him the time to record videos.

From late 2019 to the end of the year He was on quarantine as well as work at home for the duration of Covid 19. He was able to create TikTok videos. He started creating TikToks in the early part of 2020. He made videos that portrayed a 25-year-old man who drives his mother mad.

Anthony has not planned all of the videos, but they were created spontaneously created at the moment or an actual event. Anthony says he does not plan each video however it is an essential concept and he records it when it occurs. The videos he makes are suitable for the majority of boys who have passed their teens. His videos are funny to them.

It was his first funny video of his duck and went viral with more than one million views. Anthony was amazed by the swift growth of his fame. 

too turnt tony net worth

Other viral videos include jokes and challenges. Fans were impressed by the chemistry between the family. He sometimes also invites his siblings and brothers in the creation of TikTok videos. The site is always gaining over 1 million views on the majority of his videos. 

Anthony in his YouTube channel, his videos are based on real-life events or ideas that come up spontaneously and aren’t planned. He said that the video that is planned does not require an element of improvisation that makes appear real and authentic.

Hi, I am Mohamed! founder of this blog.

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Net Worth

Anthony’s net worth is believed to be estimated at $1 million. The majority of Anthony’s earnings are from his online presence as a creator of content as well as brand collaborations, modeling as well as paid subscriptions and even merchandise.

In terms of collaborations with brands, Anthony has interacted with many top brands over the time of his social media careers among them are Steel Reserve, Celsius, Bumble, NOCA, BlueChew among others. 

We don’t know the amount he might earn from these collaborations as no details have been made public about this. It is possible that a large portion of Anthony’s earnings stem from collaboration with brands, so it could be quite a large amount.

As models, it’s not known what Anthony can earn from his work in online and print magazines while he’s been the subject of numerous photo shoots and publications. 

He has also been model for several other brands and we aren’t sure of the amount it would cost him as a model, but we can be sure that it will be a substantial amount.

According to numerous reports on the web, Anthony speculative earns a significant amount of money from his paid users through the OnlyFans platform. Prices range from $12-$150,

too turnt tony net worth

Anthony could earn upwards of six figures every year from these users according to how many are willing to pay the premium price for his content. Anthony presented his sister with $20k to cover part of her college tuition and that’s just an incredibly small amount of the much he made from the platform.

We could easily support the previous data by verifying that Anthony receives a substantial amount of money exclusively from OnlyFans.

Personal Life

Anthony was also extremely enthusiastic about gyms and bodybuilding. He is a muscular and fit body since his teenage years. Prior to joining TikTok and Vine, he was well-known for his Vine videos.

Vine for his hilarious videos. He later moved to TikTok following the time that Vine was shut off the market.

He was equally gifted in his studies and has earned his master’s in media studies, including film and video. His two siblings, Dominic and Maria, have been featured in his Instagram account as well as his sister serves as his assistant. 

Mom and Nonnie often feature in his posts. He has two Pekin ducks. He credits his family’s bond as the primary reason his fame.

too turnt tony net worth


Who is TooTurntTony?

Anthony, better known as tooturnttony is an American social media influencer, model and creator of content. Anthony is best known for his lip-syncing and funny videos that usually feature his family members and his ducks.

How old is TooTurntTony?

Anthony was born on February 1, 1995. he’s currently 27 years old.

Where is TooTurntTony’s source?

Anthony is from Michigan, United States.

Is TooTurnTony has an OnlyFans?

Yes. Anthony is a member of an OnlyFans account with his name TooTurntTony.

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