Tucker Carlson Wife Heiress Net Worth In 2024! Free Guide

Tucker Carlson Wife Heiress Net Worth

You’ve probably heard of Tucker Carlson in the media, well-known journalist and host on television.

He is making quite a buzz through his program “Tucker Carlson Tonight”.

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But, the spotlight doesn’t only shine on him but also his spouse, Susan Andrews. In this post, we look into Susan Andrews’s life, including her relationship with Tucker Carlson Susan Andrews, her net worth and relationships with Tucker Carlson.

tucker carlson wife heiress net worth

Susan Andrews Bio

Susan Andrews Carlson, born in 1967 is the wife of well-known political commentator Tucker Carlson.

Susan isn’t just a ‘celebrity spouse’ but she also has her own persona as an ex- teacher, and an active board member at St. George School in Rhode Island.

Susan was raised in an Christian family with her father the Reverend George E. Andrews II who was headmaster at the highly regarded Boarding institution St. George’s School in Rhode Island, Susan spent her early years in an academic setting.

Tucker Carlson Wife Heiress Net Worth, Age, Height

Susan Carlson has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

She’s 57 and stands 5 feet, 4 inches high. She is a fervent collector of antiques and works of art.

She also enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.

Heiress’ Life

Susan Carlson’s private life is not public however, it is well-known to be a philanthropist as well as an extremely loving parent to the four of her children.

She is a committed supporter for the Princeton Art Museum, the Princeton University Library, and the Princeton University Art Museum.

She is also as a director on the board to the Princeton University Art Museum. Additionally, she is an active part of the trustees’ board of Princeton University Library.

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How did Susan Andrew and Tuckson Carlson got to know each other?

Susan Andrews and Tucker Carlson have been friends since they were teenagers.

They bonded in the very first place during high school, and haven’t separated since. Susan Andrews, Carlson’s wife is famous because they’ve been married for more than 30 years.

Tucker has always been grateful to Susan’s assistance and described her as his rock despite his fame and accomplishments.

Many refer to their relationship to be “dreamy.”

Since their wedding on the 1st of November, 1991 Susan Carlson and Carlson have had four children together and seem to have built an enduring and solid family base.

tucker carlson wife heiress net worth

Wedding with Tucker Carlson

Susan And Tucker have been high school lovers for a long time. They first began dating at 15 when they were at St George’s School.

It was first time they saw each other Susan said in an interview, recalling the days of their first meeting: There was a bouncing in the middle of his (Tucker Carlson’s) stroll, he was dressed in blue ribbon belt and khaki pants and I was struck by the fact that that he appeared so cheerful and optimistic.

He also said that Susan as the ‘cutest student in the tenth grade ever in America’. Their early days were closely watched by her father, who was at the time the headmaster of their high school.

Because of her position and strict religious beliefs the couple who were high school lovers gradually deepened their friendship, and then just six months prior to graduation, and with Susan’s father’s permission they were engaged.

The wedding ceremony was held in 1991. Since that time, Susan and her husband Tucker Carlson have been inseparable and one could conclude that they’re happy to be married.

After a marriage of nearly 28 years, they’ve had the birth of four kids including daughter Dorothy, Lillie and Hopie and a son called Buckley.

Since Tucker Carlson is Susan’s first and sole boyfriend and husband, there is no information regarding any other romantic relationships.

Furthermore, there’s no information about any extramarital affair or scandal.

Susan Andrews Age

By 2023 Susan Andrews, born on the 4th of September 1969, will reach 53 years old.

Susan Andrews Career

Susan Thomson Carlson, with teaching experience is said to put her household and family management over her career.

This is a reflection of her dedication to her job of mother and homemaker, highlighting the importance of the well-being of her family and also assisting the husband of her, Tucker Carlson, in his famed career as a television host and journalist.

Who is Susan Andrews’s Father?

Susan Andrews’ father is Reverend George E. Andrews II who was an ex-headmaster of the St. George’s Academy situated in Rhode Island and held positions as an administrator at the school.

How Did Susan Andrew and Tuckson Carlson Meet?

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews first met around the age 15 and have made a enduring love story.

They were married at a gorgeous ceremony in 1991, and were surrounded by friends, family and a host of classmates from their high schools.

In the beginning of 2000, Tucker faced accusations of sexual assault. This posed an enormous threat to his professional career.

During this time of turmoil Susan’s constant support played crucially in getting Tucker through.

Their long-lasting marriage that spans over 30 years has been an example for many despite the obstacles they’ve encountered. However, it’s not been without challenges.

Tucker was a victim of allegations of rape by Kimberley Carter, a scenario which could have ruined his marriage and career.

Carter stated that a TV commentator had abused her in the Kentucky hamburger and pizza restaurant.

To defend himself from the serious allegations the media reported that Tucker paid $14,000 for legal costs.

He ultimately decided not to file a lawsuit to avoid affiliating himself with the allegations of rape.

tucker carlson wife heiress net worth

The Heiress: Susan Andrews’ Legacy

In a family that has substantial power, Susan Andrews is no one who isn’t awash with wealth. She is a heiress who is a descendent of a lineage which has substantial assets and contributes substantially to the couple’s net worth.

  • Family Ties Susan’s father was director of the highly regarded St. Patrick’s School in Washington, an honor that was earned with great respect and a wealth of financial rewards. Early experience with prestige and financial security laid the foundation for Susan’s future endeavours.
  • Wedding to Tucker: When Susan and Tucker were married not only a union of two souls, but an amalgamation of huge financial legacy. Their common journey has led to the creation of a business and real estate investment and much more.
  • Susan Andrews ‘ Net worth be around 50 million dollars.

Tucker Carlson’s Financial Trajectory

Although Susan brings her rich heritage to the table Tucker’s earnings as a news anchor journalist, and political commentator have substantially boosted the net worth of their.

With a highly-rated program on Fox News and numerous bestsellers on his resume Tucker’s contribution to their financial status are worth mentioning.

Combined Net Worth: A Power Couple

Based on Susan’s heiress heritage and the lucrative career of Tucker estimates put their total net worth could be somewhere around $371 million.

This puts them in the top of the media celebrities financially.

Interesting Facts About Susan Andrews

Susan Andrews is a woman who has many hobbies. She loves gardening and cooking. She also enjoys having time with the family.

Susan stood up for her husband through a difficult period in 2016, when the man was accused of assault.

The incident happened in the Kentucky pizza joint and was a difficult time for the entire family. However, their bond was solid, and they were able to come through the crisis in a united way.

The story of Susan Andrews, Tucker Carlson’s wife, is an illustration of resiliency, discretion and commitment. While she was married to a well-known celebrity Susan has maintained her own identity and lived an unassuming life characterized by the privacy and simplicity.

The amount of money she has earned, while not as lavish as that of her husband’s, is testimony to her work and the lifestyle she created by spending time with family. Her story demonstrates that there is more to an individual than their fame and sometimes, the greatest value is in the time spent without the spotlight.


The tale of Tucker Carlson and his wife sheiress Susan Andrews, offers an insight inside the lives of powerful couples in which the love of their families, their legacy and money are interspersed. Their net worth as a couple is an indication of their respective strengths, joint ventures, and their shared legacy.

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