Whitney Cummings Net Worth In 2024! Free Guide

Whitney cummings net worth

Whitney cummings is a well-known American Stand-Up Actress, Comedian, Director, Producer and podcaster Whitney Cummings has a net worth of 40 million Dollars. She was born on September 4, 1982.

whitney cummings net worth

Who is Whitney Cummings?

Whitney Cummings is an American comedian, actor writer, producer, and actor well-known for her humorous comedy and satirical commentary on society. 

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Her birth date was October 4, 1982 in Georgetown, Washington D.C. Whitney began performing as a stand-up comic in the mid 2000s, performing in numerous venues and clubs across all across the United States. 

The comedian gained a lot of attention during 2008, when she created with her husband and co-wrote”2 Broke Girls,” a CBS show.

The show ran for six seasons, and won Cummings numerous Emmy awards for her work. In addition to her work on TV, Cummings has also appeared in several films which include “The Wedding Ringer,” “Made of Honor,” and “The Female Brain.” Cummings has also made comedy specials, such as “Money Shot” and “Can I Touch It?” that are streaming on platforms such as Netflix.

In addition to her professional career in the field of entertainment, Cummings is an outspoken advocate for feminism, mental health and animal rights. 

Cummings has made herself known about her battle with anxiety and depression, and has leveraged her platform to increase awareness and lessen stigmas around the mental illness. 

Whitney Cummings is a multi-talented and versatile artist who continues to motivate and entertain her audience by bringing a unique sense that is a mix of humorous and social commentaries.

Early Life and Education

Whitney Cummings was born on September 4, 1982 located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. She went to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, and then graduated from at the University of Pennsylvania, where she was a student of communication. 

Cummings discovered her love for comedy during her time at college and performed in a variety of stand-up and improve performances.

whitney cummings net worth

How old is Whitney Cummings?

Whitney Cummings will turn 42 years old on the 4th of September in 2024. Whitney was born in Georgetown, Washington D.C. in 1982. 

Although she is in her 40s Whitney’s age hasn’t hindered her career or the passion she has for her work. In fact, her knowledge and experience has made her a reputable name in the entertainment industry. 

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As she reaches her fortys Whitney Cummings continues to explore new opportunities for creativity and expand beyond the limits of comics. 

The age of her appearance hasn’t hindered her professional opportunities; instead it has provided her with the experience and wisdom to utilize to help her in her work.

What is Whitney Cummings Nationality?

Whitney Cummings is an American was born in Georgetown, Washington D.C. in 1982. Both of her parents are American and she spent the majority of her early years in Virginia.

 Cummings was always a proud holder of her American heritage and has utilized her platform to speak out for policies and issues in the political realm which are significant for her, like the rights of women as well as mental health issues. 

Her identity and nationality in the role of and American have played an important impact on the way she views her world.

whitney cummings net worth


She discovered a passion for comedy, and began performing stand-up comedy in many clubs in and in the Los Angeles area, where she was spotted by MTV producers.

She was then chosen for her breakthrough performance on Akton’s “Punk’d” in 2004. 

In 2004 she appeared in a low-budget thriller known as EMR that was shown at Cannes. In the meantime she had been having moderate success as a stand-up comedian. 

2007 was the year that Variety included her on their top the 10 Comics to Follow. The year 2008 was the time that Cummings attempted to audition for San Francisco audition of “Last Comic Standing” however she did not make it through the audition round. 

The year 2008 was the year that Cummings made appearances as a guest on “The Tony Rock Project” as well as”Made of Honor,” a romantic comedic show “Made of Honor.” 

In the year 2008, Cummings began appearing as an occasional roundtable host on E! Network’s “Chelsea Lately.” She was on until the end of the show in 2014. 

She was on the show until 2008. Cummings received the honor of being named one of the 12 Rising Stars of Comedy by Entertainment Weekly.

Cummings was also a part of the Comedy Central Roasts. This included the mocking of Joan Rivers, David Hasselhoff and Donald Trump. In August of 2010, Cummings’ first one-hour television special, “Whitney Cummings: Money Shot,” debuted at Comedy Central. 

The following month, she toured together with Denis Leary on his Rescue Me Comedy Tour.

In 2011 she co-created and directed”Whitney,” an NBC TV Show “Whitney”. The show ran for 38 episodes from the year 2011 until 2013. 

The bulk of Whitney’s wealth is derived in the form of her CBS comedy “2 Broke Girls” which she co-created. It was later sold to syndication across the globe. 

It’s no surprise that she is set to achieve even more success in the near future and her wealth will likely to increase dramatically in the next few years. “2 Broke Girls” was removed in May 2017 after it had aired six seasons consecutively and with great success.

 Cummings began her filmdirecting career later in the year in “The Female Brain,” which she also appeared in. The was the same year that Cummings wrote her book debut that was a collection of her personal stories of her life, titled “I’m Fine…And Other Lies.” 

Beginning in the year 2018, Cummings was a head writer and executive producer on the revival in the show “Roseanne.” 

She resigned from the show when its main character Roseanne Barr posted a string of racially offensive and insensitive humors via her Twitter account which led to being removed from the show.

Television and Acting Success

Alongside her stand-up comedy career, Whitney Cummings has made an impact in the television and acting industry. The sitcom she co-created with her husband was “2 Broke Girls,” which ran over six years and garnered high praise from critics. 

Cummings was also on”Bad Blood,” the unpopular NBC sitcom “Whitney,” based on her personal life. Her acting credits go beyond her own show since she’s appeared in popular shows like “House M.D.” and “The Tony Rock Project.”

whitney cummings net worth

Writing and Authorship

Whitney Cummings has showcased her ability as a writer in different media. In addition to her TV writing, she also published a memoir entitled “I’m Fine… and Other Lies” in 2017. 

The book delved into Cummings personal struggles with relationships, self-worth and the desire to achieve success. Her relatable and honest storytelling was a hit with readers, and earned her the praise she deserves for her writing skills.

Broke Girls Syndication Royalties

2 Broke Girls ran from the year 2011 until the year 2017. Between 2011 and 2017, the show aired 138 episodes over six seasons. 

In June 2012, the series was first licensed to syndication at a record $1.7 million per episode. TBS was awarded the rights after beating out several other networks. 

The previous record per episode was $1.5 million which “Modern Family” earned in the year 2010 in the USA.

At the time 2 Broke Girls ended its run, the show had broadcast more than 138 episodes. With $1.7 million for each episode TBS paid $235.6 million to acquire rights to the first syndicated run. These rights will be available to renew after about 10 years.

During the course of the show, Whitney earned fees as both a producer and creator on the program. Maybe not as much as the show’s two main stars Beth Behrs and Kat Dennings who earned an average of $150,000 per episode. It’s roughly $20 million during the course of the show. 

But, most importantly, Kat, Beth and Whitney each share a portion from the equity point earned by the series. These points allow them to one percent of show’s revenue. 

In the course that the series’ syndication runs, Whitney Kat and Beth will each receive about $50 million in royalties from syndication from the show.

Real Estate

In May of 2019, Whitney spent $4.3 million on a house situated in Woodland Hills, California in the suburbs of Los Angeles. In 2011, she paid $1.49 million on a property located in Studio City, California.

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